No goodbyes, only see you laters.

I believe that all roads lead to Rome. Travelling the world changed my life and has lead me back to my original goal when I was in my late teens. Everybody goes through some sort of crisis in their early twenties regarding what they want to do with their life.

I’ve spoken about it for years and alas, I finally put my foot down and will be flying to the other side of the world. My job will be to teach English as a second language, in a country whose I have long admired, Korea. Before I step foot on my first leg of the adventure, I want to revive this blog with a sincere and honest thank you to everyone who has witnessed and contributed to my recent emotional roller-coaster.


Do I even need to write anything? You helped me at the cusp of this decision making way back when I landed from China and mentioned it. You gave me a backhand of reality as to who we both know I am and how we both know I’ll be happier here than face deep into books again just for a couple extra 0’s in my bank account. I definitely already knew it, but I absolutely needed to hear it. I’ll miss the crap out of you, you recently converted old man.

I have a single tear of the goddess in my eye thinking about not having you laughing at every non humorous thing I say. My behaviour changes  around you for the better and I’ll miss your ass. I’ll find an internet cafe and we’ll organize gaming dates. Stop being so generous, you sexy thang.

You’re the only person I seem to have had a serious conversation with in the past 10 years. Nothing will change, we’ll always talk every day on Facebook. I will finally visit you as I promised I would from 2009-2014  for the East coast but never did. West coast promise will be fulfilled, can’t wait to see you.

There better be some Korean person who’s okay with me calling them YABISH or else I’ll be on the first flight home. You better continue Thursday night chilling and/or drinking and/or board games. I’m only a Facebook message away from solving any problems that might arise. See ya soon, YABISH.

Puerto Rico brought us closer through the mutual hate, because it goes hand in hand with love. The last weekend of Vermont was so over the top ridiculous and amazing that I’m literally laughing about it right now. I can’t believe us and I’ll be damned if I can’t find some ridiculous person like you over there to have a crazy ass time maybe once a month, MAX.

I don’t really want to adult right now, but I will. Short lived as it may have been, you’ll still be receiving (and better be sending) the borderline acceptable things I find on the internet. We had a pretty ridiculous and scary thing going on that justifiably got fixed. Nonetheless you supported and encouraged my thunderbooty to fly away. TANKS.

You left for the 6ix but never left my heart. Sending me snaps of prosciutto, calling me to tell me you miss me and it turning into a 45 minute heart to heart. I’ll miss you Slip Neckli.

You have a child and still managed to stay awesome, social and yet remain unable to get to your front door faster than me if I said I was outside your place while still being at my place. That boating weekend will never be forgotten, I’m more than glad we finally made it happen. I’ll be back to see that little Mason jar and teach him to board.

I’ll occasionally log on to League to lose a game and talk shit with you.

Where have you been hiding? I miss having intellectual discussions with someone who’s a critical thinker and actually reads the books he brings to Starbucks with his Macbook while rocking wooden glasses. You’re like a hipster’s wet dream. We should probably play a game of YuGiOh before I go.

Out of all the original crew that doesn’t drink or leave their respective caves, you’ve always tried to keep in touch, I admire and respect that. You’ll be missed, I hope that when I come back you smoke me at Smash Bros. Stay random, snap me MTL traffic, Gollum impersonations and never un-push the caps lock button on your PC.

I’m contemplating lending you my alpaca sweater on condition that you refuse to give it back to me upon my return. Good luck with gaming and streaming your caked up face for monies.


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