Where To Go? Let Me Know.

Hey I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what to do with my spare time this summer.

I want to travel again; my criteria is as such
bold for negative underline for positive  here are the options:

  • The consensus with the guys: They all want to go on an all inclusive together. Dominican to be specific. Might never happen if I don’t take initiative, ~1000$ for 1 week, im with my buddies, all inclusive, cheaper total cost 
  • Bounce to Asia (Probably China but maybe Japan) for about 3-4 weeks: Most expensive, solo trip, will end up being an amazing cultural experience, i get to whip out the backpack and grow a beard 
  • South America alternative to Asia: Expensive, same as Asia. might hit some spots where i know people who can show me around
  • Head to the Eastern provinces: Long drive, less days than bigger trips, have a few friends there, cheapest,

Aside from that I’ve got nothing, so tell me my 10 followers, what do I do?



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