22 New Things Before Turning 22

For the first time I’m posting something that has nothing to do with my travel experience. Despite the fact that I’ve kept my blog almost exclusively travel oriented, I can’t be expected to keep it up 52 weeks a year with a new experience.

Some of you may know that the month before my 22nd birthday I decided that trying 22 new things before I turned 22 would be an awesome way to try new things and maybe get to know myself a little bit more. Not all of the things that I consider part of the 22 before 22 will be named here – rather they will be replaced with others as I completed more than 22 new things. This exclusion of some is because of the fact that they may not be internet appropriate and can lead to negative opinions if shown to the wrong people.

I’m very proud of myself for completing so many things on such short notice, I owe it to my friends for awesome ideas.

1. Beerfest – I had never been to the International Beer Festival that takes place in Montreal every year, so I got that one out of the way quick. I even managed to eat kangaroo again once I saw it!

2. Orzo Barley Coffee – A traditional drink that my family consumes on occasion, I always opted for the espresso but it was an easy one out of the way

3.  Cinnamon Challenge – Despite not having completed it, probably due to the alcohol I had already ingested, I did attempt it and kept it in for a solid 10 seconds before coughing it out. With requests I might go as far as to link the video.

4. Cooking a new food – I had made myself useful in the kitchen after having lived alone for 3 years. Coming back home stunted my culinary skill development as an italian household always has food. I made myself a bowl of creole rice – a recipe I found online with an amazing blend of spices.

5. Eating new food – This was directly related to the one above, however I did manage to try out a handful of new things in the past month by being open minded to things most people don’t order!

6. Drinking a new drink – Well this was the easiest one as I have friends who try new beers every time they go buy some. I managed to drink at least 5 new beers in the span of two nights of drinking thanks to my closest friends. I also figured out which beer i enjoy most! Sleeman.

7. Go to Oka beach – I’ve been a Montrealer for way too long to not have gone to Oka. Now I can say I’ve seen it

8. Centurion – I did not become a warrior as it may imply, but I felt like one when I was done. It entails taking one shot of beer per minute for a hundred minutes. This came out to 8 beers in 1h40. I had to take a break from drinking after that one.

9. Start a new book – I had been slacking on my casual reading so I told myself to start a new book. I began (and am still reading) the first of the Hunger Games trilogy, which up to now is so much better than the movie – some characters are so different.

10. Bet 50$ on red and walk – This is simple but hard to do. When people go to the casino they’re ready for at least a good half hour of playing. I walked in with 50$ put it on red and knew I would walk out 30 seconds later regardless of the result. Thankfully I won.

11. Create a LinkedIn profile – Another easy one; business students have been using it for professional reasons so I figured I may as well have one too.

12. Organize casual sports and get more than 10 people – I have been trying to get people together to casually play football or soccer together this summer, this is with hopes to get people to have more fun and obviously burn off the ice cream people eat on hot days!

13. Swim half way across a lake – This is pretty vague as I did more than half the lake. I don’t know how far it was distance wise but it was a decent swim and I plan to do the entire lake next time I visit my best friends cottage.

14.  Plant a tree – My brother is working on creating a self-sustainable community / farm on a piece of land he purchased not too long ago. With the help of his social skills he managed to get numerous shipments of trees to his land. I planted a row of pines and named them after the mountain chain in New Zealand – The Remarkables. Check out his site on my sidebar!

15.  Stop gaming for over 5 days – This is pretty easy in theory, until someone asks you to play. I used to game every day of my life, and with each friend owning a ps3 (or something inferior to it) it’s hard to avoid playing a quick game of whatever it may be.

16. Do over 50 jumps on a pogo stick – It was hard, I wasn’t able to do more than 10 for at least 20 minutes before I got the groove and hit a solid 30 a few times before finally breaking past the goal I set by hitting 68.

17.  See an Albino African American – This is one I did not plan but have always wanted to see in person. Albino people have no melanin (pigmentation) so I’ve always wondered what the Albino gene would look like on an african american. While walking through a mall in Burlington, Vermont, I saw a very pale man with napi hair pushing his child in a stroller. I realized his facial features were that of an african american and felt like this was an experience worth noting. Hate all you want but how many have you seen?

18.  Watch a new movie – Easy one but I hadn’t been to theatres in a good 2 months so it was worth checking Abraham Lincoln smashing vampires with an axe.

19.  Eat yogurt out of a mayo jar in public – This is pretty self explanatory. I thought it’d be funny, it was an idea I got from the internetso I can’t claim it as original. It was definitely fun doing this at Mount Royal, arguably the most touristy spot in Montreal.

20. Get a peticure – This was easy but hurt my dignity a little. I was running out of time and ideas and I love joking around. With the joke of me saying I’d do it my friend took her nail polish and lathered some pink over my toe nails. This lasted all weekend at a cottage as nobody had brought remover. It was an awkward visit to the beach.
21. Write a speech – One of my closest friends over the past 10 years is getting married in less than two weeks. I am the master of ceremonies so I needed to prepare some sort of speech to give at some point. I am not the best man but a close second – to be chosen as the priest I had to respond with a little more than “you may kiss the bride”.
22. Learn some chinese – Now chinese seems pretty hard at first, but once you get the concept of tones down, it’s not that tough to get the pronounciation. This is immediately related to the one above as the wedding is a semi-western chinese wedding. I’ve picked up a couple lines of Cantonese and plan to practice them every day leading up to the wedding.

Well that’s it guys! I don’t have much else to say but sorry for the fillers! I don’t want all the secrets of my actual 22 before 22 making it out to the public so some of those may look a little lame.

Next week I will expand on the idea I’ve decided to take up regarding taking a new picture every day to sum up my day for the coming year. With it I may include a second entry that I’ve already written regarding my travels!

Cheers and here are some pictures!


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