Burmese Antique

Hey, so some of you have been following the poetry which is cool – but at the end of the day this blog is about having fun and doing new things. So here’s one I’ve been doing for a while but kept telling myself I needed more pictures before I’d publish it to the interwebs.

Lets get down and dirty.

My parents have this old antique from Burma that my father purchased early into the marriage, which dates back some couple of thousand years (awesome right?) but my mom despises it.

When my brother moved out to start the Valhalla Movement (check link on the side if you don’t know what it is) I snagged the basement. Along with it came the antique as I figured I’d get it out of my mom’s daily sight because I think it’s sweet.

While hanging out this past summer I was looking fora place to put my shades and ended up putting them on the antique to make him look awesome. This marked the beginning of something amazing – customizing what “gangsta” “swag” “rebel” or whatever you want to call my assortment of things that I decorated him with.

To avoid writing some text that’s longer than needed – here are the pictures.

PS: He needs a name really badly. Feel free to suggest new attires, a name, a theme or any feedback (this won’t be the last you see of this guy)



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