Blue Mountains

Hey guys!

So I got back from Sydney and I just realized that I’m leaving on a Field Trip with one of my classes for the next few days.
I ensure you that I’m still studying and we have two 12 hour bus rides so this is not entirely leisure time!


Other than that I figured I’d give you the run down of Sydney, next post will once again be post-poned until next week due to my field trip and the overload of school work I have to deal with due to my excursions.


So day one; I took a bus down to Coogee Beach, did an incredibly scenic walk up to Bondi where I rented a surf without lessons and gave it a shot. On my walk I got to see a whale in the distance slapping his tail on the water which was just sick! Surfing was pretty tough without lessons but the surfers gave me enough tips for me to get up on my board twice in the course of 4 hours. That was enough for me to be super proud of myself and call it a day.

Day two: I headed out to the Blue Mountains (Australia’s Rockies) with two of my hostelmate’s and we hiked for a couple of hours, giving us some ridiculous views and relatively challenging terrains. Luckily we didn’t see any Funnel Web spiders which are apparently present throughout the lower levels of the mountains, such as the forest portion we walked through. That night I made it out to meet up with my Monash University friends at a couple of bars in and around Kings Cross, which was awesome because we hit up a rooftop bar.

Day three: I met up with an ex co-worker of mine, a girl who worked at the same ice cream parlor as me back in Montreal’s amusement park. We met up for lunch then toured the downtown area of Sydney, which I hadn’t done yet. After catching up we met up with her parents, who spoiled me to a delicious dinner of sushi and a double espresso at Guylian for dessert. We then went out for some wine at the Sydney Opera Bar, situated between the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge, probably one of the most scenic spots to enjoy a calm night out.

Day four: I woke up as early as I could, caught a shuttle to Manly, where I browsed the beach area and did some hiking to the North Head of the harbour. I trekked back to start my original goal for the day which was the 4 hour Manly-Spit scenic walk. It was moderately challenging but really scenic, I managed to hit every minor detour for photo-op’s that will be released in the future. I completed the walk pretty quickly (3 hours) giving me enough time for another activity for the day, the Zoo. Upon arrival at the Taronga Zoo I realized that I only had two and a half hours to tour one of the biggest Zoo’s in the world. I started with the Reptiles until I realized that I used up all my camera life during the hike. Luckily I managed to rush to the koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emu, wombat and tazmanian devil to sneak in some pictures by turning my camera on, taking the shot and then watching it die all over again. Pooped out from being on foot as of 9 in the morning, I ferried back to the hostel and relaxed before going out for some casuals with my Canadian friend for her last night on holiday. (Aussies say holiday rather than vacation)

Day five: I looked around for some souvenirs for my best friends but only came to the realization that souvenir shops are really lame. I ended up going to the Sydney Aquarium, seeing some of the most unique types of fish and sea mammals on the planet. They had 2 of the 6 Dugong’s that are on display anywhere in the world, and man are they MASSIVE. I saw one eat, and I’m telling you as sincerely as sincere can be, that Dugong’s bite took the equivalent of one entire head of lettuce. He was hungry so you could immagine how much that beast ate! After that I walked around some of the harbours in the city area, browsed through the chinese gardens and Chinatown for some crispy noodles before needing to pack for my flight home.

That’s the quick version of Sydney, hopefully I compressed it with enough details to keep you all entertained. I want to thank all of you for reading my blog, I do appreciate the love!

For now I need to begin my laundry and preparation for my next excursion that starts with a 12 hour bus ride at 8 am tomorrow. We’re travelling to Broken Hill, essentially seeing the only part of the Outback that I’ll be exposed to during my travels here in Australia. I’m more that excited for this trip yet really nervous about the short time frame I have to get ready both mentally and physically. Hopefully I get all my stuff together in time. I plan to bring my laptop in the occasion that I get access to a glimpse of Wifi on my trip in the desert, you know, to tease you guys with some pictures and show you that I’m still alive!

Anywho, here are a few more of Sydney. I’ll update again whenever I can.





Hey guys, sorry about not having posted last night, but I’m currently in Sydney.

Keeping this one short and sweet, I did a pretty long hike today and I managed to spot a whale!

Also tried surfing! went pretty well, anyways, i’ll get more juicy stuff out later. likely either tuesday night or wednesday morning. i’ll post it on fb!

heres two pictures so you get a taste of sydney, i don’t really know how they look cuz internet here sucks, and it’s 3 bucks an hour so i’m off! catch you all soon!




I can sum up my weekend with a couple of words, uneventful would be one of them. I stayed in for the majority of the weekend so that I could work on my essay and study for my test. That being said, I don’t have much to talk about other than completing the unfinished story of New Zealand.

Day 7: Boarding.
As you saw a couple posts earlier, I clearly went snowboarding in a country that was NOT Canada or Australia; clearly it was done in New Zealand. Luckily we had received Monster energy drinks the evening before by running into one of the trucks, so that worked well with meat pies to get us up to the mountain by 9 am. We got our rentals figured out for the day and hit the slopes.

Sunny is not the greatest snowboarder, but his skill level increased noticeably throughout the day with some tips here and there. The boarding was really odd, there were no trees on the mountain. In order for there to be snow you need to go pretty high into the mountain range, above the level where there are any trees, so the runs were hard to distinguish from each other. The mountain itself was relatively decent in size, nothing spectacular, excluding the view of course! After five hours of boarding and recording Sunny gave in to the pains that had started to kick in. Given that I was now on my own and there was about an hour until the mountain closed, I knew what I had to do. I bolted down the mountain to the chair lift and went to face the hardest runs they had. There were lots of rocks and rough patches but I had a blast, the mountain was much more challenging than some of the ones found back in Canada.

I eventually decided to give the snow park, my sworn enemy, a go. The park was massive, it was larger than the majority of the ones back at home and some of the boarders were unreal. I managed to hit three boxes and one rail until I screwed up on a really long rail. After falling on a wrist that you previously fractured snowboarding, you typically call it a day, and that’s what I did.

Although this had happened the night before, I forgot to post it in my previous blog. Sunny and I splurged one night on food, treating ourselves to a delicious seafood meal. Along with blue cod and fresh scallops, we had mussels that were easily 3 times (if not more) the size of the biggest mussel I’ve ever seen.

Day 8: Leap Of Faith
I won’t lie, that day was probably the closest I’ve ever come to soiling myself. The morning was really tough on Sunny because his legs were incredibly sore from the boarding. We both had our fair share of complaints to say due to the extensive physical activity that we condensed into a week.  Regardless, the day we were so nervous and excited for had arrived. The only physical thing we had to do that day is take a simple jump… off a platform that was suspended over a river in a canyon. The Nevis Bungee is the third highest bungee jump in the world, and we had booked it. The problem was that Sunny felt so sick and sore that he was virtually giving up on the jump before confirming our position. He offered his jump to me, which was reasonable for me; but still I wanted to do it with him, so I could have someone to share the moment with. After a lot of whining he still didn’t want to jump until I asked the lady if I could take the jump that he already paid for. Essentially she said they wre non refundable nor transferrable so I forced him to sign up and I told him that if he needs to give up, he needs to give up once we’re up on the platform. Sunny still insisting that he wasn’t going to jump, agreed to that proposal.

Unfortunately for us, we had a really windy day, which wasn’t helping my cause with Sunny. We harnessed up and head out to the platform, where I asked Sunny if he was going to jump. He said the three letter word that makes most peoples day, and I would say it made mine, but I bungee jumped that day so it would be a lie.

The moment of truth; I got called to get attached to the rope. I had seen a few people bungee and was pretty confident that all would be good, until the wind kicked in. I wish Sunny had uploaded my bungee video by now so that I could link to it, I was told to wait because the wind was too strong, the suspended cabin was moving too much. When you’re about to jump 134 meters, that’s the last thing you want to hear, so you could see me getting more and more nervous in the video. I eventually got told it was alright and didn’t hesitate to jump after the 3 second countdown.

No words can describe the experience that followed.

Later that night we head out to a bar for the “Big Night Out” event, a pub crawl through Queenstowns best bars. We managed to catch the end of the rugby game of NZ vs AU in which the All Blacks won. The night out was awesome, but nothing compared to how happy Sunny and I were, knowing that we jumped that jump and could never explain the rush we experienced.

Day 9: Goodbye Sunny, Pun!

Unfortunately for the travel bug within me, I had a life in Australia to attend and two Sunny’s (the car was called sunny incase you forgot) to say bye to. We still had some gas in the car so we took our last drive to a little reserve to get some shots, one which you see of me jumping over The Remarkables. After that we said our goodbyes, which was pretty hard after having spent so much time and experiences with someone. I drove to the airport to grab my flight.. to Christchurch.

My flight back to Melbourne had a fourteen hour connection in between, making me fend for myself in Christchurch. First thing I did was get as many panphlets I could to see what’s going on. Too bad they were all outdated. For those of you who don’t know, Christchurch is, for lack of a better word, destroyed. Several really crazy earthquakes destroyed the city, closing off most attractions, the downtown area and forcing them to demolish 50% of the buildings that DIDN’T fall, due to severe damage. Out of the airport I walked a little to find an interesting museum about Antartica, so I checked it out for an hour or 2. I saw some live penguin feeding and was exposed to what’s supposed to be an Antartic Snowstorm.

After that I started walking to the downtown area because I had so much time and so little money for transit. I had a great idea to hitchhike and it worked very well, the second car that saw me gave me a ride. The woman gave me a lift straight to the legal boundary of the city that the public can access. I walked around in amazement, but not the good kind of amazement, it was aweful. There were destroyed buildings everywhere, the area around the city seemed so dead, arguably abandonned. Walking around the boundary of the city was devastating to see, it was an eye opening experience because I’ve never visited any sort of post-destruction sites. I travelled with some haste, jogging at intervals, in order to see as much as I could before the sun was gone.  I managed to get a lot of “great” shots before the sun went down. I found a grocery store to buy some bread, cold cuts and veggies for my dinner and breakfast for the morning to follow. I went to the only building that was open, unfortunately it is the worst kind of place, where just as many lives can be lost, the Casino. I only had 20 dollars and several hours to kill, so I did what I could at blackjack and wheel of fortune to make my 20 dollars last. Eventually I lost it but I had a good time for the little money I spent. The rest of the night was spent walking / jogging about 10k to the airport, where I slept and flew home in the morning.


Sorry for the lengthy blog, New Zealand was awesome so I had to describe it extensively. Here are some pictures of the days described.

I also apologize for the late-ness of the blog and warn you that I may not blog until next week because I will be travelling around Sydney from Thursday until Tuesday.



As you all know, I came here to study, so I’m going to talk a little about that for this post.

So I listed my classes during the first post, but luckily I got some news that the full course load here is 4, allowing me to take four classes here and still receive credits for five back at home. That news was awesome, it allowed me to drop what seemed to be the most demanding and least entertaining class out of the five I had. Now that Victimology is out of my timetable, I’m left with the following.

Australian Idol: Up to now it has not been the most entertaining class to sit through, but it has been an enormous eye opener. Essentially its the study of Australia and its long history. Up till now we’ve been focusing on the wrongdoing of the immigrants to the indigenous people, similar to what we did in Canada to the natives. It’s pretty good, the lecturers are really awesome and make the class nothing less than entertaining.

Criminal Mind: Well, unlike the show, this class is the study of criminal behavior, why people do what they do essentially. I’ve already read the book assigned to this class because I had it assigned to one of my previous classes back at Carleton. I like the different perspective that is taken over here, even if the material is nearly identical, I love learning from a variety of opinions. At home, Criminal Behaviour was taught by a Criminal Psychologist as an evening class. Here it is also taught by a Psychologist but not a criminal one, making his perspective slightly different.

Italian Studies 4: Well I didn’t want to take Italian studies 2 because I grew up around Italian so I figured it wouldn’t push my limits much farther. This class is definitely at a higher level of Italian than I am, which is helping me pick it up and catch up to my peers. I really enjoy this class because I always wish I knew more Italian than I do. This will help me a lot for my eventual plan to spend half a year or so in Italy teaching English. My prof is a really cool guy and my classmates are awesome too, we’re on much more of a personal level in a language class because there are less students. I like that we’re reading from Machiavelli.

Addiction Studies: Always been an area that I loved studying in psychology. Addiction is a really odd phenomenon and increasing my knowledge about this might help me in the field of criminology later on. This is probably my most demanding class, but doing work for this class makes me happy so there’s no problem in me fulfillingmy duties as a student here. Remember guys, alcohol is the worst drug, comparable to heroin. Think about that next time you drink.

Well that’s about it for my classes, I’m off to start on my Australian Idol paper so that I have sufficient time to study for my Italian test, both  are for Monday so I’ll have nothing special to blog about. Except…

I Suppose I never finished that New Zealand story eh?


The pics are..
My Koala rocking out
Kangaroo Steak with rice fried in it’s grease
My diet for the first week; Avocado, Ham & Cheese sandwich

La Bicicletta

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Because who says wait for it… and give you your candy when you expect it right? 😉

My weekend was alright, I didn’t end up making it to the exchange party that I blogged I was going to; because blogging took longer than I expected. Surprisingly I actually stayed in all weekend to catch up on some rest and practicing my skills at cooking Kangaroo. I did embark on an adventure worth telling though.

Hop on google translate incase you don’t know that the title means: the bicycle. I decided it was time that I got a bike down here, essentially because I’m only good at two types of physical activities at home; Snowboarding and Cycling. Given that I was missing out on the cycling season, and snowboarding here is easily twice as expensive (not to mention smaller runs with more fake snow) I figured I’d see how far 40$ could get me. Searching the net for a good hour I sent a couple of emails for ≤40$ I got a handfull of responses. One was only 20$ and seemed to be a 30 minute bus ride away, which I thought would be a great first ride home.

Upon arrival the bike seemed to be in a lot worse condition than reported online, so bad that he gave it to me FREE of charge! Might sound like a sweet deal but realistically if the bike is free it is not the type of bike you want to spend a season with. Excluding the fact that it was for a teenager, the chain was made out of rust and the front brakes were inexistant, the bike was decent.

I did some very vague research about the area where I was going, enough to get lost and find a lake! Lake Blackburn was really awesome to bike around and a satisfactory first “get lost” adventure in Oz. My way back was pretty painful because I had not observed the fact that the road the bus took was nothing but slopes, making it really hard uphill due to the bike’s small tires, and reall hard downhill due to the excellent brakes.

Long story short(er) I got home in one piece, didn’t have a lock, so now I have a bike in my room.

It’s no New Zealand story, but I hope you liked it!



Wait a second.. I was hating on Australian Snowboarding…

The Gardens

Alright so I decided I’d finish off where I left off and finish the story of New Zealand before blogging about the past few days.

DAY4: The Glacier. Just looking at the Franz Josef glacier from the distance was remarkable enough, to the point where you’re inside a valley in which the glacier looks like it’s 500 meters away and you find out it’s closer to 2.5 km, your perspective of everything in sight changes. The hike up the glacier was relatively easy, but definitely physically demanding, especially after having hike the Abel Tasman the day before, that and having driven close to 7 hours at night only to find out that every hostel was closed by the time we arrived. The hike up to the base of the glacier took long, but the excitement of knowing that soon we were going to be wearing Crampons and walking on kilometers of thick glacier ice was definitely worth the effort. The glacier changes on a day-to-day basis, making more and more caves, closing some paths and opening others, but no words can describe the feeling you get walking through a glacier. The ice was blue unlike any blue I’ve ever seen before. Luckily, in the rainiest area of New Zealand, we managed to get a day filled with sunlight and not a cloud in sight, the sky seemed to reflect the color of the ice caves Sunny and I were walking through. After our lunch break we were at a spot in the glacier where there were pools of glacier water everywhere in sight. We filled our water bottles with this remarkably cold, fresh and nothing less than perfectly clear water to hydrate us for the rest of the day. At some point I even managed to let our tour guide hold my legs as I shoved my head in one of the pools just out of curiosity. I’ll stop with the glacier for now, I’m sure you all get the point, it was nothing less than awesome.

DAY5: Recooperation. We really needed a day to relax, Sunny and I had hiked two huge treks in two really long days; this made any spectator laugh while watching us “walk”. We bought a couple of souvenirs that day after a good night’s rest in the first beds we got in the south island. After that we proceeded to walk to the Wildlife Sanctuary in which they had two Kiwi’s (the bird not the fruit for those who may be confused). The breed they had were 2 of only 300 left in the world. They were really cool birds, I mean, the island is so predator-free that birds adapted out of wings? Pretty crazy. Much bigger than I expected, interesting fact is that they’re nocturnal, so the circadian clock that they’re brought up with is opposite to ours so that we can see them when it’s daytime for us, where as it is dark and cold in the silent room they were in to roam free around.  After the kiwi sightings we hit the road for Queenstown, another five or so hour drive. I would arguably say this day was done but not even close, while driving we experienced the environment of every continent or country I could imagine, within about two to three hours of road. We started at the glacier, driving to what ended up being my first mirror lake, Lake Matheson, reflecting the Southern Alps to near perfection as there was the slightest breeze to destroy the tranquility of the lake. After our little detour to see our first mirror lake we hit the road to see the rainforest turn into valleys, passing through towns that looked like the Wild West. We saw landscape that made us think we were in Africa, we saw the dynamic of the mountains change, twenty minutes later we were driving past a sandy beach with perfect rocks. This is New Zealand, we thought, every continent’s environment condensed into two mountainous  islands in the pacific. We eventually got to the hostel, made our plans for the following days, relaxed in the hot tub and chilled out. Luckily we ran into an awesome guy from France that worked as a cook for several years, one restaurant being the french equivalent of Hells Kitchen. He cooked us one of the best Carbonara sauces I’ve ever had in my life, and coming from a purely Italian family, that is saying a LOT. We didn’t know how to repay him so we took him out for a beer after the feast.
DAY6: The Rise. As Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother said in the new years episode, he likes his cd’s to be all rise, unlike others who like it to rise and drop. This was the start of the big rise. What we had seen so far was remarkable, and we noted that our trip had been all rise and we planned to keep it that way. We woke up at a reasonable time to head out to the hot tub before the day began. After we were all relaxed we got some meat pies as usual and took the gondola up to our first of two excursions for the day. Essentially we really wanted to zipline in NZ, so we did. We had the opportunity to meet some pretty cool guides and they showed us how to go upside down and do some neat tricks on the zip line, which will be useful the next time we go. It was awesome talking to them and learning about the history of Queenstown and why it looked so North American rather than South Pacific. After the zipping we ate and went back up the gondola to our second trip of the day, luge. We had a blast, we bought 5 runs and got a bonus one for booking with our hostel. With the speeds that we were going down that track, strangers were seriously taking pictures of us, I felt like they needed to ticket us for not slowing down on the turns they told us to. Luckily we never fell off the luges, even going downhill on wet U-turns at crazy speeds. We had so much fun that we ended up buying 5 more rides once we were done, just to perfect the track, get a little rough, and have some nice footage on the GoPro.

Enough about New Zealand, I’ll let the rest of the ALL RISE Vacation be told in my next blog. Sorry about all the rambling, I just want to make sure you all know what’s going on!

Today we had a little field trip with some class mates and our awesome lecturer. We went tot he Botanical Gardens, where we received a quick tour of the area and a lot of background of the aboriginals and their use of the plants. The aboriginal guide we had was not only humorous and entertaining, but he had a lot of background and experience with the mistreatment of the aboriginals and their land, making the day an eye-opening experience. We were exposed to so many different plants and uses for the plants, we had home made tea with leaves that we saw and smelt in the gardens. The whole afternoon was blissful as it was beautiful outside and we ended up going out for a meal after it was done. Our lecturer was ready to take us wherever we wanted, only problem is we didn’t know what we wanted; we were all starving and dying to get a massive meal in our bellies. He said he knew just the place, and he did. We went to this spot and the three guys ordered the same burger, the Bogan Burger. Now none of us are Bogans (the Australian equivalent of Redneck) but that burger had just about every meat in the book and more. After eating that, even being the eating machine that was put on display by Why? Simply Because just a few months earlier; that burger had me nothing less than stuffed.

Tonight I’ll be heading out to a Monash Exchange event that I’m running late for due to my inability to keep blogs short and sweet, so I’ll tell you all about it on Monday, and I’ll finish the story of New Zealand which was nothing less than LEGEN..

Wait For It..

Bottom – Lake Matheson
Top – One of thousands of ice crevices that we saw and walked through at Franz Josef.

First Month

So much to say..

First off, hey guys and welcome to my blog! I’ll be sure to post here just about every Monday and Thursday (yes I know it’s Tuesday).

I would first off like to thank and their blog for giving me not only the idea but the opportunity of blogging for all of you to see what my experiences are bringing me in Australia!

Now straight to the juice I’ll try to sum up what these past few weeks have been like. The first week was pretty awesome, I mean, I’M IN AUSTRALIA was the only thing on my mind really. My buddy Karl picked me up from the airport and showed me around until I crashed at his place for the night. After that I proceeded to move into my room in Roberts Hall, which is satisfactory for a dorm room i suppose! I met a whole lot of people, surprisingly a lot of Americans on exchange and nothing less than a hall full of Australians for me to meet! Essentially it was orientation week at first so there were some boring moments yet many more fun ones such as the Monash Dash, which was a spoof of the Amazing Race within Monash. That helped me know the campus!

I became familiar with the way things are done and the slightly different more active lifestyle over here in Australia. I attempted to join some clubs but didn’t bring any cash with me so I failed a little over there, but I did manage to get a lot of free food the first two weeks, which was really sweet because everything here is just about twice the price!

I found out what the local bars were and what nights people go out to them, such as Tuesday is Cheers and Thursday is the Nott. I was pretty happy to notice while going out that I actually knew more people than I thought I did! Unfortunately I’ve found out what Goon is; cheap wine sold in a box (with an aluminium bag inside) that these people claim as their National Drink. I hope it isn’t.

That sums up the first half of the month of july, now for the second. Classes started up on Monday the 25th and it was the typical drill of first week classes. Teachers pretty much read out the course outlines and told us how we were going to be graded, essentially not much teaching was done for the first half of the classes, but my classes do seem pretty awesome. If you’d like to know, I’m actually taking 5 (which is 1 more than the full load here at Monash, but 5 is standard in Canada) classes and they are the following: Australian Idol, Italian Studies 4, The Criminal Mind, Victimology, Addiction Studies. All of those are really sweet classes and I look forward to learning what they have to offer.. although I did already read the book assigned to my Criminal Mind class 🙂

Week two of classes; Green Week, which is sometimes considered the beer olympics. It’s a week where people rally up into teams to see how many points they can get in the various activities. Luckily for both me and you, I didn’t participate. Instead I had planned months before leaving that the second week would be a GREAT time to visit New Zealand as it was VERY unlikely that I’d have any homework or exams due this early into the semester. So how about I tell you all about how that went.

So, while my peers were participating in Green Week, I managed to make a week of Awesomeness out of it instead. I landed my first morning in Wellington. I spent the day alone wandering the city, marveling about  the beauty of the city. Luckily, while looking for a hostel I ran into a kind woman who drove me to the summit of the closest mountain so I could get a spectacular view of the city. After that I visited the world famous Te Papa museum which was just mind blowing, so informative and beautiful I spent the majority of my day there. At night, my mate Sunny showed up and we had a few beers before calling it an early night.

DAY 2 NZ; We got up early enough to probably aggravate our hostel-mates but we didn’t have a choice, ferry at 8 am was not something we could afford missing.  We rushed out, got some Mc Donalds and caught the ferry in time to enjoy our McMuffins aboard. Apart from our first taste of the country’s beautiful scenery on the ferry, we landed in Picton only to be greeted at the door by our car rental company. After figuring out logistics and switching our car to the Nissan Sunny (you can figure why SUNNY and I chose to opt for that car) we hit the road for Abel Tasman. A couple of hours and New Zealand meat pies later we landed in Motuega, the closest city to Abel Tasman National Park to book our excursions for the following two days. We had a little bit of wine and called it a night sleeping in the car

DAY 3 NZ; Un REAL. Abel Tasman was just crazy. Luckily for us the guy on the phone accidentally told us to show up an hour earlier than we needed, which got us some really sweet sunrise pictures and up close pictures of the secluded beach and birds in the morning before human life decided to show up. We jumped on the sea shuttle, unable to describe the scenery, backdrop of mountains, giant rocks. Everything one can ask for on a vacation. We encountered some seals before being dropped off at Bark Bay where the hike began.  We walked a couple of hours, at a very good pace making really good time even while stopping at every possible detour sign just to see what it may show us. Making it to Torrent Bay two hours ahead of time, we decided to hang out, eat some food and I took a swim in my very first Tidal Beach. After that we walked to Anchorage, taking the scenic route rather than the shortcut (due to low tide you can cut through what would be 3 METERS of water a few hours later) and ending up at the remarkable Cleopatra’s Pool. We ended up at Anchorage half an hour early according to what the same guy at the start of this story told us (we got there at 4:15 he said pick up was at 4:45) and found out we were actually 30 minutes late! Luckily while leaving they say us, turned around and picked us up. After the awkward ride back we got into the car and I drove the 6.5 hours to the town of Franz Josef.

I rambled a little bit over here and I know you guys want to know about Australia! I don’t want to make this post too huge so I’ll finish the New Zealand trip in my next post (Thursday) and after that it will be all Australia.



New Zealand Rocks ———>