Chiang Mai to Bangkok – Monkey in the Middle

G’day Mates!

So once again I find myself with sub-par internet, if I’m lucky I may be able to actually watch a youtube video! (hopefully I can upload pictures but we’ll see soon enough!)

Last I posted was my arrival in Chiang Mai, we took Thailand at a much more relaxed pace to allow us the luxury of enjoying every pad thai and sight we saw. The first night we just chilled out and browsed some markets, splurged a whole 6$ on a meal and failed at finding a bar. We managed to get scooters the second day (5$ per day + 3$ of gas for 2 days was a pretty awesome deal) and went up to see the Doi Suthep which was just a huge Wat (buddhist temple) that we got to visit for quite a big portion of the day. After finding some dumplings (which are ridiculously amazing throughout asia) we got lost about ten times before getting home, where some beers were well deserved.

The next day in Chian Mai was arguably the best day we had in Thailand. We set out to go to Tiger Kingdom after our breakfast pad thai. In tiger kingdom we payed a ridiculous (45$) amount of money relative to asia’s cost of living to enter cages with tigers and pet them. It was worth every penny because they were really awesome, especially the fact that we got to play with the baby tigers for a good 25 minutes. Making pretty good time at tiger kingdom we managed to scoot our way into another animal attraction; a crocodile show. The show was pretty funny as it was done by young guys who liked making sound effects and dance around the crocs. Eventually we got to sit on one of the bigger crocs which was just crazy. After the croc show we contemplated doing some atv’ing or bungy jumping but realized we would be cutting it close for the train (not knowing it was delayed two hours yet). So we just went back for some fried rice and grabbed a cab to the station. The train ride itself was an eye opener as it was an overnight train; when the sun rose we saw the damage of the floods.

We arrived in Lopburi, or Monkey city expecting it to be polluted with monkeys, and don’t get me wrong, it was, but only in one area. We grabbed a resort hotel with a pool and the whole shabang so we could see the monkeys for the first part of the day and enjoy a nice 25 degree December afternoon by the pool. We didn’t do much shopping, excluding the excessive amount of passionfruit smoothies I bought. The days we were there were holidays, in which the second (unfortunately) was the King’s birthday. Sadly we had our luggages that day to head on our 1 dollar train (delayed 5.5 hours) to Bangkok so we missed out on the holiday in both cities. Regardless, we made it to Bangkok around 1 am and overpayed (because the subway was closed and the taxi drivers all know each other) for a tuk tuk to the hotel.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about Thailand as we took it on a much more relaxed pace, Bangkok was pretty much just shopping. We went from market to market to ridiculously huge mall (which actually has a market on each of the 8 floors aswell) to market. We found some pretty decent things and saw some awesome sights, the skytrain alone was worth going to see, it’s like an outdoor metro on top of the roads to provide scenic views. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Royal Dragon restaurant because our budget was spent a little quicker than we thought. Our last night out milked us of virtually every baht we had, without getting intoxicated aswell. We managed to see some of the things you’d imagine in Bangkok’s night culture such as a club filled with white men, prostitutes and lady boys. It wasn’t the most fun we had going out but it was definitely a new experience.

The time had come after that night to say goodbye as Charles and I had different plans as of the 8th. It was hard to say goodbye to someone who had become such a good friend over the month; but we will see each other again.

Now I currently don’t know exactly what my plans are until my return to Montreal, but I plan to budget my trip and fit in as many activities as possible while still relaxing. I will write again once Canada provides me with wifi and spare time.


You guys will have to wait until I get better wifi (probably in Canada) for some pictures as this one won’t stay consistent enough to even upload ONE 😛


Hanoi to Chiang Mai, The Laos Experience

Sabai dee mates!

As you all know I tore through Vietnam in about two weeks and proceeded to Laos and now Thailand. I’ll let you know how it went!

Last time I posted I was about to get on the cruise for Ha Long Bay, and trust me, it was worth the (extremely high price in asia) 50$ we paid. We got on the boat (pirate ship) to get served a good 5 course lunch while heading out to the grotto. We didn’t get to do much more than explore the massive grotto and kayak while on the boat, but the scenery was equivalent to cruising through the Whitsundays from Australia. I managed to do some frontflips off the back once we stopped for the night but that was about it. We head back the next day just to make it to Hanoi in time for my 2nd lunch. We made our plans for the following day and called it a night after catching up on the TV series’ we follow.

My mates Charles and Aurélien flew to Southern Thailand while I jumped on the 22 hour bus to Vientiane. Luckily we didn’t have any farm animals on the bus although some produce was present. I met a good group on the bus and enjoyed some Beerlao (best beer in southeast asia by far) upon arrival. When we made it out to the night market I finally got to test my limits of what I could eat. We started with bugs, which weren’t too bad, moved on to the cow brain which was quite delicious with all the spices it was prepared with. We moved on to try some aborted chicken (or duck) fetuses. These were sold in eggs for about 50 cents each and you had to crack it open before eating the miniature bird inside the egg, which was surprisingly good. We moved on to try some barbecued chicken heart and a full frog each; both of which topped the previous 3 . Unfortunately we didn’t do any real tourism in Vientiane as we caught the 7 am local bus to Vang Vieng the next morning. That bus was filled to about 33% capacity with procude on the inside, not to mention the overload on the roof. Upon arrival I had my daily fried rice breakfast and tried some Lao-Lao, the rice whiskey that is apparently illegal yet it’s more common than water in Laos. We checked into our hotel and began the day of tubing, the main young tourist thing to do in Vang Vieng. The day progressed quite slowly by moving about 50 meters at a time from bar to bar being poured free whiskey and dancing. The tarzan ropes, ziplines and high jumps were well worth the time spent. We did two days there with very little else, my diet of fried rice helped the absorption of the alcohol.

After those two hectic days I took a bus to Luang Prabang to walk around and enjoy a more relaxed and scenic city. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to see the waterfall, hill tribes or elephants but I’ve made it a goal of mine to return there. I took a 12 hour bus to the border, hung out for a day in a city run by monks and took a 45 second boat accross the border to Thailand. Now I’ve finally landed in Chiang Mai and will be here for a few days doing relatively touristy things, starting with renting a scooter and planning some key spots to see.

My trip has come down to its last few weeks so I’m hoping to take full advantage without breaking the bank (as snowboarding once in Vancouver will cost the budget of about 4 days in asia)

Anyways, right now I have decent internet so I hope you can enjoy the pictures!

Vietnam South to North

Xin chào mates!

As you know from last week I’ve been hanging out in Vietnam for the past 8 days, and as you may know from Facebook not all of it has been fun. With every experience that we encounter I believe we grow a little, regardless what it is. I’m still not over the bad experience that I will elaborate upon later but I know that it had changed me and my perception of the world around me.

So that night my mate showed up and we met up with his mate (my friend’s friend) in the morning and just saw around Ho Chi Minh City, went through the markets and chinatown, had some drinks and whatnot. The eye opener was how much of a target you are when you are 3 white guys walking around a relatively poor country. Everyone wants your money, and even if you want their goods, you want to haggle for at least two minutes before settling down. The price you’re told is the “tourist price” as we’ve been calling it and you shouldn’t settle for more than 50%  of the price you’re first told. After that day we lived it up a little that society was quite  cheap but ended up spending more than expected by doing so.

Anyways, we chilled out, got some drinks and I got some fake shades (so I wouldn’t need to wear my real Ray Ban’s.. and they were just 1.50$!) We caught a train to Nha Trang where I had my bad experience. We started the day off well with some vietnamese noodles for lunch then head out to see some Cham Towers. The towers were awesome and we followed it up with a mud bath / mineral water spa experience right after. We got back around supper time to treat ourselves to gourmet food, for myself; Ostrich. We got some drinks at one of the local bars but after we were confronted by some people trying to sell us stuff, as usual. We tried to tell them to get away and that we didn’t want anything, but the lady reached over my shoulder to bring me to her merch (or so I thought) but within one second or two tops she jumped on a scooter and blasted off, which is when I realized that my necklace that was given to me at my baptism was stolen. I later confronted some guys about the situation and they agreed to get it back for 250$. I agreed without hesiation as long as they got and showed me the necklace beforehand. Clearly I didn’t think in advance because they ditched me after the 200$ was given. The story is a bit longer but typing it and talking about it don’t make me feel good so I won’t get into it. I felt like crap all night and ended up barely sleeping outside my hotel because it was locked after 2 am, just around the time I managed to get back. Regardless the next day we went on the 6$ boat excursion we booked and I got to try turtle and shark for the first time. I couldn’t stop thinking about my necklace and going over the event hundreds of times in my mind and I still can’t get it out, it was a traumatic experience so that day I wasn’t really hungry or into any of the stuff we did on the boat.

We caught an overnight sleeper bus to Hoi An that night and were very lucky to get a bus to the My Son ruins about 20 minutes after we checked in. The ruins were awesome and definitely a noteworthy first time experience. We got back in time for lunch and immediately searched for the best tailor. Hoi An is polluted with tailor shops so the two guides (Lonely Planet and the France equivalent) lead us to a couple, but one stood out for me. It had the exact slightly shiny navy blue color I was looking for in a high quality cashmere/wool fabric. We spent about 5 hours there picking out fabrics for shirts and suits (and jackets for my friends) before heading out. The next day we rented 3 scooters for 10$ and head down to the beach. The beach was pretty sweet, not the clearest water but there were tons of crabs on the sand and the waves were crazy, a surfers dream for sure. We rode back to town to try on our suits and were all very happy although some minor adjustments had to be made for the next day before leaving. We got up early enough to take the scooters for one last ride and sight see a little. We had to head to the tailors by 11 to do the final fitting and for me the shipping (as they decided to save the 30$ shipping cost by buying 20$ bags and lugging those around for the next few weeks). We jumped on a bus to Hue and an overnight sleeper again from Hue to Hanoi. This one was much less pleasant as it was 17 hours and we got stuck in the back, sharing the space of 4 sleepers for 5 people, making it very crammed, uncomfortable and hot. Regardless we made it here where we chilled out sightseeing for today.

Tomorrow we jump on a 2 day 1 night cruise around Ha Long Bay (Vietnam’s Whitsundays) and hopefully after that I’ll manage to get to Laos within 3 days as my friends are flying to Thailand because one of them only has about a week left of asia. After Laos I will be meeting my mate in Central Thailand to do the North and work our way down to Bangkok for our goodbye.

As you may know I’m going to be in Vancouver from the 15th until the 22nd which is the night I return and hopefully see those closest to me on that night or the following.

I want to also add that there  will be a facebook event or message sent regarding a package arriving in Montreal a week or so before me that I would like all of my closest friends to attend, this package will have gifts from my travels, the date will be announced soon.

Until then, enjoy some pics!

PS. Note that I haven’t cut my hair since I left Canada and I haven’t shaved my beard since Halloween.

Picture uploading is not working at the moment, I’ll try again soon, I may need to do 1 at a time due to the frequency of disconnecting in Vietnam.


The End or the Beginning?

Hey guys, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to advertize that I have a new post (because FB is blocked in Vietnam) but hopefully I figure it out.

So I’ll tell you guys everything since the last post.

Essentially the night I got back from Traralgon had a big goodbye party for the exchange students and was quite justifiably named so. I didn’t get around to seeing everyone I wanted to before leaving but those who showed at the party and select few others managed to see me in my last few Aussie days.

My ex roomate from Canada, Dan, and another good friend who was on exchange in Ottawa, Karl, both managed to chill with me on my last 2 nights, which were much more awesome nights that the alternative. We hit up some bars and caught up because we hadn’t seen each other nearly enough throughout the semester; I travelled too much. 🙂

The last morning I was meant to see Melbourne became pretty unfortunate because I missed the check in for my flight to Perth by 3 minutes. I literally wanted to cry/blow up but I kept my composure and jumped on the next flight.. 24 hours later. So I spent 25 hours in the Melbourne Airport, watching anime and playing gameboy on my computer.. So much better than being in beautiful Perth eh? >_<

Anyways I eventually made it out to Perth  and had a pretty awesome day (I only planned on having 2 anyways but 1 was a little short). My mate Brad who was an exchange student in Canada aswell picked me up and showed me around until he had work. Thank God he went to work though or I would not be able to write this blog from Vietnam. I realised at about 1:30 pm that I needed to pay for a visa to enter Vietnam as it’s one of the only countries in which you can’t get a visa on arrival. By the time I ran over to Flight Center the vietnamese embassy (in Canberra, 3 hours ahead of Perth) had closed 5 minutes earlier. Unable to accept how much God was playing agaisnt me at the time, I went on a spree of running around Perth to find internet. Luckily I found a travel agency/tourist desk that I recognized from my previous travels that I knew had free internet and computers to use. As soon as I got in the people at the tour desk realized something was up and immediately asked me how they could help.

I was trying to see if I could get my visa that day because it takes 1-2 business days to receive it and it was Friday, my flight was on Saturday morning and I wasn’t about to let myself fail twice in two days. I was hoping to get it through Canada but even at that it was risky, luckily the girl at the reception had a friend who had just returned from Vietnam 2 days earlier. She did me a huge favor and called the person to ask the site they got their visa from. Upon receiving the name I found out that I could get the visa done on “urgent” speed and get it processed that day as long as it was done by 2pm Vietnam time. Looking at my watch seeing Perth time at 2:40 I was ready to give up, because Vietnam is more west than Perth. Nevertheless I still checked the Vietnam local time to find out they’re actually an hour behind Perth! I had 20 minutes to rush all the info onto the site and luckily it all worked out perfectly in the end.

After that I took the train from Perth to Fremantle, a nearby city with an older feel to it. It was pretty nice but I didn’t have much time as I had to get back to Perth for a lift to Brad’s place. He picked me up and we had dinner with his parents, which were super chill. We ended up having a couple of beers before calling it a night. I got up at 4 am for my flight (6:35) and made it out to Asia in two surprisingly decent plane rides. I slept through the first and read the Vietnam Lonely Planet (40$ in Perth airport WTF!) to see what I could do today and tomorrow.

I got a cab to my hotel and paid 100,000 Dong………..aka 5$.

I set down my backpack, emailed the lovely Catherine and head out for my first interaction with a real asian city/culture. First thing’s first, you know there are a lot of scooters in asia, you see it everywhere right? There are more than you can imagine. Anyways, I managed to walk around and it was surprisingly hard to find food for the first 20 minutes. Once I found a resto I sat down and enjoyed some pork with rice, soup and a drink that looked and tasted like blended greens. Desert was some watermelon, total cost… 59,000 Dong….. 3$!

Upon leaving is when I realized that the market opens up later, so walking out of the resto I saw a different Ho Chi Minh City than I walked through 30 minutes earlier. I was able to smell food from everywhere and see goods being sold left and right, people haggling and whatnot. I saw a bottle shop and figured that at some point I’d drink in Asia so I wanted to check out the prices.  Most hard alcohols that are international were there at about 70% the cost as in Canada or like 40% the cost as it would in Australia. Regardless I found a bottle of Vietnamese Rhum for 25,000 Dong (1.25$) so I grabbed that. On my way home I saw a tailor, and I’ve decided since I got to Australia that Asia would be a good spot to grab a suit at. Essentially I walked in and saw that you could choose the specific material/pattern of the suit, get yourself measured and come back to pick the suit up. Total price, 2-300,000 dong… 10-15$!!!

Unfortunately that shop said it’d take a few weeks so I didn’t get it done, but read my blogs and I’m sure I’ll get one in the next 33 days.

Anyways, hope you guys get to see this blog because I haven’t been able to access Facebook.

As usual, here are some pics that won’t make it to Facebook until February or something. Also my beard is at about 2 weeks so i’m going to have a larger and larger shadow in pics of me until I get back.

Oh an my hotel is awesome. 🙂


As you may know, I’m done my exams!

So I’ll save you guys the big speech about how awesome being done school is and how I smashed those two exams and I’ll get to the goodstuff.

I went to Traralgon to visit my friend Lauren who came on exchange in Canada while I was up there. Traralgon is a little town outside of Melbourne so I wasn’t expecting much. Luckily Lauren welcomed me with a big hug and a Lasagna made by her nonna (grandmother) which was the best thing that could happen to me. I love lasagna, more so than words could explain, it’s my favorite food in the world, and I LOVE FOOD. The lasagna was completely home made, the pasta sheets were home made to the extent that the eggs used were from her nonna’s chickens! I had nothing less than a mouthgasm (use your imagination) while eating that lasagna. We proceeded to catch up on what’s been up since Canada and chilled out until her friends came over for the predrinks. We head out to the local bar and had a pretty sweet night out, although it’s weird being the only foreigner in a small town where everyone knows each other. Regardless, we had a sick night. The next day we drove down to one of the national parks for a walk and chilled out for the majority of the day. We got to eat some leftover lasagna (mouthgasm) and had a sweet barbecue dinner of burgers, sausages and dim sim (small chinese dumplings, they BBQ’ed em!). The dinner was awesome because they treated me to some crackers and genuine Australian cheese beforehand which just had me going crazy. The rest of the night we just chilled out in the shed playing pool.

In general I’d say I probably got the best Traralgon experience that anyone has ever had. Why? Simply Because I got to catch up with an old friend and had a rather relaxed early weekend with awesome food!

I leave for Perth in 5 days and Vietnam 2 days after that, I expect 1 more blog before getting on my flight to Vietnam, but after that it will be about when I get wifi and how much time I will have on it.


Under Down Under

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, I left last Friday to head Under Down Under to Australia’s mini New Zealand; Tasmania.  We were an awesome group of people and kept ourselves more than entertained for the whole trip. The group was a Finnish guy, two Norwegians, a German and Canada’s finest; Me. 😉

We left realy early so we could maximize our days in Tassie. Upon arrival we grabbed our car for the trip and hit the road for Launceston. We went to one of the touristy spots of Launny, the gorge. It was really nice so we took a little walk around the area. After that we grabbed some food and head north to the Low Head lighthouse for some pictures. Moving along we drove to the east coast for sunset at the Bay of Fires, which was nothing less than spectacular. We called it a night after two extra large pizzas and some How I Met Your Mother.

Day 2 began with a grocery run and a drive down towards Wineglass Bay. We stopped once at Diamond Island for a short but very scenic break. The tide was low so we could walk from Tasmanian mainland to Diamond Island, which we did. After the break we head down to Wineglass Bay for our hike of the day. The walk was pretty easy because we were going downhill, which made it a hefty walk back up, but it was totally worth it. Upon our arrival at the beach, two of us jumped in the water (yours truly and Ante, a Norwegian friend of mine)  only to run out a minute later. We pulled out the lunch and had an AMAZING surprise; “Wild” Wallabies (mini kangaroos for those who don’t know what a wallaby is) came to chill with us! We got to pet them (they jacked a little bit of bread) and hang out for a good 15-20 minutes!

After that we packed our food and hiked up because we were driving to Hobart. Unfortunately the hike was very long so we didn’t make it to Hobart in time for the Rugby World Cup, but we did listen to the match on the radio. We called it a night after failing to find a bar to kick back to enjoy some beers. When we woke up we hit the road for Queenstown. We didn’t really accomplish much on the third day, we didn’t make very good time on the road, but we did manage to stop at Lake Saint Clair for a little walk in an attempt to see Platypuses. Unfortunately we didn’t see any platypuses and it also started to hail on us like crazy so we ran back to the car. We stopped once more at a copper mine just to check it out. When we got to queenstown we got more pizza and played cards until we crashed.

Day 4 was by far the best day. We got up at a reasonable time and head out to Cradle Mountain National Park. Upon arrival, one of the two Norwegians told us she didn’t want to walk that day and was going to get a massage and stay in the spa all day instead. The 4 men decided to do a 3 hour walk so we wouldn’t keep her waiting too long, but plans changed really quickly. We made it up to the summit of the mountain we planned to hike; only to see Cradle Mountain in the distance. We ended up deciding to get closer for the sake of seeing some snow (and have a mini snowball fight) and maybe a bigger scaled picture of the mountain. When we got to the base we realized it was two hours return to the top but it just looked so awesome that we opted in. We had no idea what we were signing ourselves up to because there was barely any hiking on Cradle Mountain. We had to climb up rocks for about 400-500 meters worth of altitude before we made it to the summit. In retrospect it was really worth it, we may have busted a couple of sweats and taken a break for some apples, but all the hard work paid off because the summit was spectacular. We made it down in time to see some wild wombats also 😀

We managed to drive to Deloraine for the night, playing more cards and stuffing ourselves with 1.5 kg of pasta. The next morning we got up bright and early to see the Marakoopa cave. We got a tour of the cave which was nothing less than amazing, seeing all the natural formations such as stalagmites and stalactites. Near the end of the tour he switched off the lights so we could see the equivalent of looking at the stars in Tassie; cave worms. They lit up the cieling as if you were in pitch black darkness looking at the stars. After our awesome cave adventure we rode back to Launny for the tour of the Boags Brewery. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures but we got to see the awesome beer-making process. After the tour we got a beer tasting with cheese, and it may sound odd but it was brilliant. We managed to loaf around for two more hours around Launny before heading to the airport for our flight home.

So that’s the story of Tasmania, hope you enjoyed it. Also I learned some native scandinavian words and succeeded at writing my italian essay during the trip.



Great Ocean Road, Grampians, Exams

G’day mates

So as you may know, exam season has arrived and I’m studying quite a bit, but that never stopped me from travelling. We had quite a number of hours on the road over the weekend along with 2 other of my mates that were in my class.

We decided that we should finally see the extent of the state we’ve been living in for the past 3 months so we rented a car (they got us ripped off the second time I chose not to take charge) for the weekend and hit the road. Near Melbourne there’s a stretch of highway that runs along the south coast of Australia, they call it the Great Ocean Road. After that our destination was the start (or end depending how you look at it) of the Great Dividing Range, with the Grampians national park; one of the things I’ve been looking forward to ever since I read about it on the plane here.

We left much later on Friday morning than planned (11 am rather than 7) so we had to cut a couple of things out of our agenda to still fit everything we could in the day. We hit the road and made it out to the Twelve Apostles (not actually 12 any more thanks to erosion) and a few other spots along the road. We had a blast just driving along the cliffs and beaches of the coast and even had a pit stop in a grotto to walk around. When the sun began to set we decided we should make good time and head down to Halls Gap, our outpost for the Grampians.

We got to the hostel and called it a night after a massive bowl of pasta (in which our Aussie mate threw onions and garlic into cream sauce, a first for me!) When we got up we hit the road for some groceries and planned the itinerary for the day. Starting with a huge detour of a drive, we eventually made it to Mackenzie Falls, which were just spectacular, definitely bigger than any waterfall I’ve ever seen excluding Niagara. Following that little hike we made it out to Reid’s Lookout and The Balconies; both were amazing but the latter was remarkable as we sat on the balconies (even if we probably weren’t allowed to) and took in some sun. Our last hike of the day was walking up to the Pinnacle, which was slightly more difficult but much more fun, the hike was less of a path and more raw rock leading up to the ultimate windy mountain top.

We called it a day after that because we wanted to make it back in time to cook yet another massive bowl of pasta (prepared by yours truly this time) to enjoy while watching France beat Wales in the RWC semi-finals. We called it a night as our next day was going to have a hard hike in it. When we woke up we loafed around for a while before making it out to Mt. Stapylton to one of the hardest hike’s I’ve done in my life. We walked up this raw mountain that had barely any clear-cut path other than the odd markers telling us where to turn every couple of 100 meters. We took two breaks in the hour that it took us to get to the summit to give you an idea as to how steep and strenuous of a walk it was. The last 20 meters was basically a near death experience for all of us as we were on the edge of a mountain cliff with one wrong step (about 15 cm away from the edge) capable of leading us to a brutal fall. Regardless of the immense winds kicking at us on our way up, we did succeed. We stayed up top for about half an hour because it was so beautiful and calm (found a wind-less area on the summit) not to mention that we really didn’t look forward to experiencing that last part of the hike (climb)  again.

Regardless, we made it down as you can see because here I am.

So now I’m going to tell you about how I demolished three evaluations at Monash University.

We studied quite briefly in the car for the Australian Idol exam that I had Monday at noon. Regardless it was just enough to get me out of that exam feeling quite good about the two essays I wrote. They were argumentative essays about Australia treating everyone equally (class division and whatnot) and whether Australia has cut its ties with Britain. Right after that I had about two hours to prepare for my Italian oral exam, all my preparations ended up being pointless because we just ended up speaking about life in Canada, my ancestry, future goals and whatnot. I feel really good about it, they kept me in there for about 25 minutes rather than the 10 that we oral was supposed to be so I think they liked me. 😀

I cooked myself a nice big POUTINE to reward myself along with stuffing my face to study all night for today’s exam; The Criminal Mind. I wasted my time studying because I’m pretty sure I could have destroyed that exam without looking at the slides or the book. I studies criminology enough to have at least gotten a 70% without looking at a book, which is promising because I did study. The exam was only 80 multiple choice questions, but about 10% of the class (myself included) were done at the 30 minute mark when he told us we could leave. I stayed a little longer just to wait for the line of people to go down and double-check the 4-5 questions that I was a little iffy about.

Now that I have two of my exams behind me,  only need to worry about writing my Italian Cultural Assessment essay due Friday and studying for my Psychology final exam and my Italian written exam on the 31st and 2nd respectively.

Until then, I have the next week off (Swot Vac) for studying. I will be taking advantage of that by heading Under Down Under; Tasmania. We’re going for 5 days, giving me 4 for studying upon my return.

After that I’ll be done guys! So I’ll be able to visit my good friend Lauren down in Traralgon, maybe head out to Perth for a couple of days before flying out to Asia (more info coming soon).

To those who have been following my Australia experience, thanks for reading and I appreciate the support. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures because I liked telling the stories! It’s not over yet so stay tuned 🙂



Want Pictures?
Okay 😀