Hey, as most of you (my readers) must know; I’m Jordan Coppola. I was born and raised by a straight off the boat Italian family in the wonderful city of Montreal, Canada. I went to elementary school in French and high school in both. After that I graduated to attend Dawson College for my DEC in Psychology. Aspiring to increase my knowledge about the field and much more, I decided to move to Ottawa to attend Carleton University. I study Criminology there with a concentration in Psychology and I love it. Just recently, while living in residence with other students on exchange I decided it would be a great idea, and a once in a lifetime experience, to study abroad. I chose Australia for so many reasons I couldn’t even think of writing them all here. I mean, who WOULDN’T want to go right? It’s the other side of the world! I’m currently engulfed in this daze of Australian accents while studying Criminology here in the Melbourne suburbs at Monash University.

I’m only studying abroad for one semester, but I plan to let you guys know what I’m doing every step of the way. I will be travelling, telling you all about how I’m growing as a person, and I will also be learning Criminology from a completely different perspective than I was used to back at home.

I plan to post twice a week every week that I’m here (with possible exeptions) on Monday and Thursday, providing a new picture every post.

So, I hope you guys enjoy what I’m doing as much as I do and hopefully you may choose to do something similar in the future!



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