The Return Of Blog – Vermont to NYC

Hey, so it’s been a while and I’ve been having a little travel withdrawl.

With the slight failure of the site two friends and I planned to set up this semester I decided one of my (very old) posts for that site would be appropriate here. I’m just going to copy/paste it because I want to see what my posse looks like, if you dig it, I have plenty of stories to discuss.

I was just on my semester break from school this past week so I planned two trips to Vermont; one with my girlfriend and one with a good friend.

My girlfriend -at the time- and I set out on a Saturday morning, planning mainly to cook some homemade meals and possibly shop a little. Vermont does not tax on clothing so for us Canadians that is like an automatic 15% saving. When we arrived we immediately stopped at the University Mall, one of Burlington’s two malls. I only really shop at one store, Pac Sun, so I headed there for my fix of clothing. I immediately noticed that they had a rack filled with jeans at 15$ and on top of that there was a 30% discount on everything in the store! I didn’t really plan on buying anything while in Vermont, but I ended up spending 23$ on two pairs of jeans and a t-shirt at that Pac Sun.
We went to my father’s cottage in Vermont after a little more shopping to eat some steaks. We eventually got out of our day-long relaxation mode and planned to make a delicious Chow Mein style stir fry. We headed out after stuffing ourselves and managed to find a nice little bar called Flatbread. This place was a resto-bar that seemed like it served amazing pizzas; but we only went for two beers. It was a really laid back atmosphere with several local and international brews on tap for a very reasonable price.
The next day we set out for a more scenic start, a walk along the beautiful Lake Champlain. The lake was a little less snowed in compared to last winter, but it is definitely one of Vermont’s nicest things to visit. We stayed there for about two hours before heading downtown Burlington for some more shopping. Once again I stopped at the other mall’s Pac Sun and once again for only 26$ i got 2 t-shirts, a long sleeve and a sweater. We headed home in time to make ourselves a nice Onion Soup before calling it a night with some simple movies. Lesson of the trip: shop in Vermont!

The night after returning from Vermont, I set out for the same destination, except this time with a good friend of mine, and we had no idea what the night had in store for us. We arrived in Burlington and asked some college kids what bar they would suggest for a pair of Canadian guys. The search for the bar ended pretty quickly due to Burlington’s tiny downtown district, but nonetheless; the bar was awesome. We watched some pro’s play darts and made some good small talk with the bar tender. Around 1:30 am my friend had this great idea that we would drive to New York City and visit the bar from the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother. We both thought it was doable but unrealistic until the bartender told us to go for it; pulling out his iPhone to write down the directions for us. We had never done anything as last minute as that in our lives so we agreed to follow through. Within one minute of being in the car we got pulled over by the Vermont Police.

The officer told us our head light was broken and asked if we had been drinking. Although we had, we knew that neither of us was really intoxicated, but the officer insisted on asking questions. He was extremely pushy regarding questions about weapons and drugs, even though he knew we had crossed the border just a few hours prior. The questions eventually lead him to making my friend take a couple of intoxication tests such as: Following the flashlight without moving your head, doing 20 steps heel-toe, holding any leg up and counting to 30 one thousand. My friend passed all of them with flying colors but still got asked to blow a breathalyzer. We were both nervous because we knew that a couple of beers in a few hours could easily have made him over the legal limit. Thankfully, he blew a .069 and we were on our way to New York City with nothing but a warning about the broken headlight!

We drove all night, from 2:30 am to 9 am before we got any glimpse of the city or skyline. When we finally arrived we chose to park close to a friend of mine’s apartment and met up with her. She gave us the run through of where everything was and how we could systematically visit all of the attractions in a day. After a nice breakfast at her favorite diner we set out for the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. We did a whole lot of walking and saw incredible amounts of New York that day; not to mention some impressive street performers. It was a February day, but arguably the most warm one I had seen in years, we sun bathed during the easily 12 degree sunny day in Central Park. After having walked about 80 or so blocks, we found the bar that How I Met Your Mother was based off of and chilled out for a couple of beers. Unfortunately we were relatively tight on time as our parking was 12 hours and we wanted to drive back to my cottage that night.

We had to leave McGee’s, which is the name of the bar MacLaren’s is based off, before the sun went down so that we could take a taxi to the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry to Liberty Island was done for the day so we had to take the free ferry to Staten Island to get our only glimpse of the Statue of Liberty before it was too dark. After having passed by the Statue twice, we passed by Wall street and grabbed a cab to my friend’s apartment. She ordered us some Philly Cheese Steaks from an amazing spot called 99 Miles to Phily and we devoured those delicious subs like there was no tomorrow. Given that we were short on time, we only got to hang out for about two hours before we hit the road for Vermont.

Keep on reading, I plan to release a couple food related posts, travel posts, and the anticipated 22-b4-22 post (a challenge I have set for myself to complete 22 new things before i turn 22)

Cheers mates and it feels good to be back.


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