The Return, The Surprise, The Resolution

G’day Mates
I highly encourage reading this with an Australian accent as it will possibly be the last time I use it.
So as you all know I’m back home. Back from my crazy Australia-New Zealand-Viet-Lao-Thai-Vancouver experience. My exchange program has come to an end and so have the holidays. The ball and chain begins on Monday and I’m so excited…

First off I want to say cheers to all those who I met and will hopefully see again before our time comes. Second I guess you might want to know what has happened and why I haven’t blogged.

For one, there isn’t much to blog about when you’re back to the same old lifestyle you left, but I didn’t tell you about Vancouver!

Alright so I left Thailand a week early, cutting my time in Vancouver by about 4 days also, giving me 3 days in SuperVanCity. I did profit by gaining a full 23.5 hour layover in Hong Kong, which was worth every second. Hong Kong was like New York in Asia. It’s so massive with so many people and bright lights. Cheap food and markets, able to bargain yet see a more wealthy population that the slums I had seen for the month leading up to it. Anyways, I had some awesome food and definitely need to go back because there was so much that I didn’t see!

First off I landed with copious amounts of jetlag so I was screwed up the whole time I was there and a couple days into Montreal also. Anyways, I got around to checking out the city, Gastown, the drug area (which I only walked by because I knew it would freak me out but I had to see it for my own eyes, really scary stuff) and definitely Stanley Park. Vancouver is a beautiful city, even just to walk around in the light rain and hot weather they call “winter” I had a blast. I paid a visit to a shop where you’re allowed to essentially smoke inside, which was new to me as I’ve stopped smoking in years, but as an exclusively Vancouver thing, I gave it a shot. That lead to me meeting some awesome tourists and went out for some drinks and to watch the UFC fight. Anyways I made it up somehow at 5:30 AM to get my 6:30 bus to Whistler for the day of boarding. I got up on that mountain, jetlagged, sleep deprived and slightly hung over, but I had a blast. It was my first time boarding this year (excluding in New Zealand during our summer) so I was pretty rusty and I was riding a 158 (long for my height) board which didn’t help. Either way I ripped through Whistler for about 5 hours before crashing on the bus back and waking up in Vancouver again. Day 3 was basically a stroll through Stanley Park, and trust me, that makes Vancouver an even more beautiful city that its coast and mountainous region already does.

Upon arrival in Montreal my two friends picked me up and tripped out at my 47 day old beard and my 6 month mop of hair. Either way we kept it a secret from the others so I could surprise them (or you?). Most of you who read this probably know or were there for the surprise but I got on skype to talk to my friends and said I was still in Vancouver. I filled a box at a friends with things that I said were presents from overseas. Upon trying to open the box I sent a link to the Rocky theme song and made my grandiose entry 😀

It was a really sweet night and I actually did have a different bag filled with actual gifts that I gave out to those who came.

The Holidays! These were awesome, I was able to get an opportunity to possibly become a private investigator which is still pending. But more importantly (short term that is) I was home to see my whole family for Christmas, my favorite dinner of the year and I got to show this: to my family! Which they liked and were disappointed about at the same time. Sorry guys.

Anyways, I managed to loaf a lot with the free time I had and definitely needed to do so after my life was on the go for so long. Now I’ve made a resolution to lose the extra pounds I’ve gained while abroad and probably download/buy a program that will help me brush up my Italian. I’ve got about a month to decide what to do next year and my options are, take a year off and work, take a year off and teach English abroad (Italy? Spain?) or apply for a Masters in Criminology at OttawaU.

The decision will be posted in my next blog.

Also, my two best friends and I are planning to make a lifestyle website of our lives. There’s just something about having a documented account of the best years in our lives that appeals to us. We’d post all kinds of things that we did, tried, tasted or anything really that just appeals or happened to us, for you guys to read about and maybe try out. As a quick but not exclusive example, we went to a famous small bar that we love called Distillerie in Montreal last night and had some awesome mixed drinks, our group favority being the Southern Tart.

Anyways Here are some pics of HK and Vancouver!

Cheers Mates!


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