Chiang Mai to Bangkok – Monkey in the Middle

G’day Mates!

So once again I find myself with sub-par internet, if I’m lucky I may be able to actually watch a youtube video! (hopefully I can upload pictures but we’ll see soon enough!)

Last I posted was my arrival in Chiang Mai, we took Thailand at a much more relaxed pace to allow us the luxury of enjoying every pad thai and sight we saw. The first night we just chilled out and browsed some markets, splurged a whole 6$ on a meal and failed at finding a bar. We managed to get scooters the second day (5$ per day + 3$ of gas for 2 days was a pretty awesome deal) and went up to see the Doi Suthep which was just a huge Wat (buddhist temple) that we got to visit for quite a big portion of the day. After finding some dumplings (which are ridiculously amazing throughout asia) we got lost about ten times before getting home, where some beers were well deserved.

The next day in Chian Mai was arguably the best day we had in Thailand. We set out to go to Tiger Kingdom after our breakfast pad thai. In tiger kingdom we payed a ridiculous (45$) amount of money relative to asia’s cost of living to enter cages with tigers and pet them. It was worth every penny because they were really awesome, especially the fact that we got to play with the baby tigers for a good 25 minutes. Making pretty good time at tiger kingdom we managed to scoot our way into another animal attraction; a crocodile show. The show was pretty funny as it was done by young guys who liked making sound effects and dance around the crocs. Eventually we got to sit on one of the bigger crocs which was just crazy. After the croc show we contemplated doing some atv’ing or bungy jumping but realized we would be cutting it close for the train (not knowing it was delayed two hours yet). So we just went back for some fried rice and grabbed a cab to the station. The train ride itself was an eye opener as it was an overnight train; when the sun rose we saw the damage of the floods.

We arrived in Lopburi, or Monkey city expecting it to be polluted with monkeys, and don’t get me wrong, it was, but only in one area. We grabbed a resort hotel with a pool and the whole shabang so we could see the monkeys for the first part of the day and enjoy a nice 25 degree December afternoon by the pool. We didn’t do much shopping, excluding the excessive amount of passionfruit smoothies I bought. The days we were there were holidays, in which the second (unfortunately) was the King’s birthday. Sadly we had our luggages that day to head on our 1 dollar train (delayed 5.5 hours) to Bangkok so we missed out on the holiday in both cities. Regardless, we made it to Bangkok around 1 am and overpayed (because the subway was closed and the taxi drivers all know each other) for a tuk tuk to the hotel.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to say about Thailand as we took it on a much more relaxed pace, Bangkok was pretty much just shopping. We went from market to market to ridiculously huge mall (which actually has a market on each of the 8 floors aswell) to market. We found some pretty decent things and saw some awesome sights, the skytrain alone was worth going to see, it’s like an outdoor metro on top of the roads to provide scenic views. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the Royal Dragon restaurant because our budget was spent a little quicker than we thought. Our last night out milked us of virtually every baht we had, without getting intoxicated aswell. We managed to see some of the things you’d imagine in Bangkok’s night culture such as a club filled with white men, prostitutes and lady boys. It wasn’t the most fun we had going out but it was definitely a new experience.

The time had come after that night to say goodbye as Charles and I had different plans as of the 8th. It was hard to say goodbye to someone who had become such a good friend over the month; but we will see each other again.

Now I currently don’t know exactly what my plans are until my return to Montreal, but I plan to budget my trip and fit in as many activities as possible while still relaxing. I will write again once Canada provides me with wifi and spare time.


You guys will have to wait until I get better wifi (probably in Canada) for some pictures as this one won’t stay consistent enough to even upload ONE šŸ˜›


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