As you may know, I’m done my exams!

So I’ll save you guys the big speech about how awesome being done school is and how I smashed those two exams and I’ll get to the goodstuff.

I went to Traralgon to visit my friend Lauren who came on exchange in Canada while I was up there. Traralgon is a little town outside of Melbourne so I wasn’t expecting much. Luckily Lauren welcomed me with a big hug and a Lasagna made by her nonna (grandmother) which was the best thing that could happen to me. I love lasagna, more so than words could explain, it’s my favorite food in the world, and I LOVE FOOD. The lasagna was completely home made, the pasta sheets were home made to the extent that the eggs used were from her nonna’s chickens! I had nothing less than a mouthgasm (use your imagination) while eating that lasagna. We proceeded to catch up on what’s been up since Canada and chilled out until her friends came over for the predrinks. We head out to the local bar and had a pretty sweet night out, although it’s weird being the only foreigner in a small town where everyone knows each other. Regardless, we had a sick night. The next day we drove down to one of the national parks for a walk and chilled out for the majority of the day. We got to eat some leftover lasagna (mouthgasm) and had a sweet barbecue dinner of burgers, sausages and dim sim (small chinese dumplings, they BBQ’ed em!). The dinner was awesome because they treated me to some crackers and genuine Australian cheese beforehand which just had me going crazy. The rest of the night we just chilled out in the shed playing pool.

In general I’d say I probably got the best Traralgon experience that anyone has ever had. Why? Simply Because I got to catch up with an old friend and had a rather relaxed early weekend with awesome food!

I leave for Perth in 5 days and Vietnam 2 days after that, I expect 1 more blog before getting on my flight to Vietnam, but after that it will be about when I get wifi and how much time I will have on it.



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