Under Down Under

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, I left last Friday to head Under Down Under to Australia’s mini New Zealand; Tasmania.  We were an awesome group of people and kept ourselves more than entertained for the whole trip. The group was a Finnish guy, two Norwegians, a German and Canada’s finest; Me. 😉

We left realy early so we could maximize our days in Tassie. Upon arrival we grabbed our car for the trip and hit the road for Launceston. We went to one of the touristy spots of Launny, the gorge. It was really nice so we took a little walk around the area. After that we grabbed some food and head north to the Low Head lighthouse for some pictures. Moving along we drove to the east coast for sunset at the Bay of Fires, which was nothing less than spectacular. We called it a night after two extra large pizzas and some How I Met Your Mother.

Day 2 began with a grocery run and a drive down towards Wineglass Bay. We stopped once at Diamond Island for a short but very scenic break. The tide was low so we could walk from Tasmanian mainland to Diamond Island, which we did. After the break we head down to Wineglass Bay for our hike of the day. The walk was pretty easy because we were going downhill, which made it a hefty walk back up, but it was totally worth it. Upon our arrival at the beach, two of us jumped in the water (yours truly and Ante, a Norwegian friend of mine)  only to run out a minute later. We pulled out the lunch and had an AMAZING surprise; “Wild” Wallabies (mini kangaroos for those who don’t know what a wallaby is) came to chill with us! We got to pet them (they jacked a little bit of bread) and hang out for a good 15-20 minutes!

After that we packed our food and hiked up because we were driving to Hobart. Unfortunately the hike was very long so we didn’t make it to Hobart in time for the Rugby World Cup, but we did listen to the match on the radio. We called it a night after failing to find a bar to kick back to enjoy some beers. When we woke up we hit the road for Queenstown. We didn’t really accomplish much on the third day, we didn’t make very good time on the road, but we did manage to stop at Lake Saint Clair for a little walk in an attempt to see Platypuses. Unfortunately we didn’t see any platypuses and it also started to hail on us like crazy so we ran back to the car. We stopped once more at a copper mine just to check it out. When we got to queenstown we got more pizza and played cards until we crashed.

Day 4 was by far the best day. We got up at a reasonable time and head out to Cradle Mountain National Park. Upon arrival, one of the two Norwegians told us she didn’t want to walk that day and was going to get a massage and stay in the spa all day instead. The 4 men decided to do a 3 hour walk so we wouldn’t keep her waiting too long, but plans changed really quickly. We made it up to the summit of the mountain we planned to hike; only to see Cradle Mountain in the distance. We ended up deciding to get closer for the sake of seeing some snow (and have a mini snowball fight) and maybe a bigger scaled picture of the mountain. When we got to the base we realized it was two hours return to the top but it just looked so awesome that we opted in. We had no idea what we were signing ourselves up to because there was barely any hiking on Cradle Mountain. We had to climb up rocks for about 400-500 meters worth of altitude before we made it to the summit. In retrospect it was really worth it, we may have busted a couple of sweats and taken a break for some apples, but all the hard work paid off because the summit was spectacular. We made it down in time to see some wild wombats also 😀

We managed to drive to Deloraine for the night, playing more cards and stuffing ourselves with 1.5 kg of pasta. The next morning we got up bright and early to see the Marakoopa cave. We got a tour of the cave which was nothing less than amazing, seeing all the natural formations such as stalagmites and stalactites. Near the end of the tour he switched off the lights so we could see the equivalent of looking at the stars in Tassie; cave worms. They lit up the cieling as if you were in pitch black darkness looking at the stars. After our awesome cave adventure we rode back to Launny for the tour of the Boags Brewery. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures but we got to see the awesome beer-making process. After the tour we got a beer tasting with cheese, and it may sound odd but it was brilliant. We managed to loaf around for two more hours around Launny before heading to the airport for our flight home.

So that’s the story of Tasmania, hope you enjoyed it. Also I learned some native scandinavian words and succeeded at writing my italian essay during the trip.




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  1. Hey Jordan! I’ve had an awesome time reading your blog, sounds like studying abroad in Australia was a great experience! I was wondering if I could interview you for “A day in the life of a study abroad student in Australia” for gooverseas.com. If you’re interested please e-mail me at maxine@gooverseas.com 🙂 Thanks!

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