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G’day mates

So as you may know, exam season has arrived and I’m studying quite a bit, but that never stopped me from travelling. We had quite a number of hours on the road over the weekend along with 2 other of my mates that were in my class.

We decided that we should finally see the extent of the state we’ve been living in for the past 3 months so we rented a car (they got us ripped off the second time I chose not to take charge) for the weekend and hit the road. Near Melbourne there’s a stretch of highway that runs along the south coast of Australia, they call it the Great Ocean Road. After that our destination was the start (or end depending how you look at it) of the Great Dividing Range, with the Grampians national park; one of the things I’ve been looking forward to ever since I read about it on the plane here.

We left much later on Friday morning than planned (11 am rather than 7) so we had to cut a couple of things out of our agenda to still fit everything we could in the day. We hit the road and made it out to the Twelve Apostles (not actually 12 any more thanks to erosion) and a few other spots along the road. We had a blast just driving along the cliffs and beaches of the coast and even had a pit stop in a grotto to walk around. When the sun began to set we decided we should make good time and head down to Halls Gap, our outpost for the Grampians.

We got to the hostel and called it a night after a massive bowl of pasta (in which our Aussie mate threw onions and garlic into cream sauce, a first for me!) When we got up we hit the road for some groceries and planned the itinerary for the day. Starting with a huge detour of a drive, we eventually made it to Mackenzie Falls, which were just spectacular, definitely bigger than any waterfall I’ve ever seen excluding Niagara. Following that little hike we made it out to Reid’s Lookout and The Balconies; both were amazing but the latter was remarkable as we sat on the balconies (even if we probably weren’t allowed to) and took in some sun. Our last hike of the day was walking up to the Pinnacle, which was slightly more difficult but much more fun, the hike was less of a path and more raw rock leading up to the ultimate windy mountain top.

We called it a day after that because we wanted to make it back in time to cook yet another massive bowl of pasta (prepared by yours truly this time) to enjoy while watching France beat Wales in the RWC semi-finals. We called it a night as our next day was going to have a hard hike in it. When we woke up we loafed around for a while before making it out to Mt. Stapylton to one of the hardest hike’s I’ve done in my life. We walked up this raw mountain that had barely any clear-cut path other than the odd markers telling us where to turn every couple of 100 meters. We took two breaks in the hour that it took us to get to the summit to give you an idea as to how steep and strenuous of a walk it was. The last 20 meters was basically a near death experience for all of us as we were on the edge of a mountain cliff with one wrong step (about 15 cm away from the edge) capable of leading us to a brutal fall. Regardless of the immense winds kicking at us on our way up, we did succeed. We stayed up top for about half an hour because it was so beautiful and calm (found a wind-less area on the summit) not to mention that we really didn’t look forward to experiencing that last part of the hike (climb)  again.

Regardless, we made it down as you can see because here I am.

So now I’m going to tell you about how I demolished three evaluations at Monash University.

We studied quite briefly in the car for the Australian Idol exam that I had Monday at noon. Regardless it was just enough to get me out of that exam feeling quite good about the two essays I wrote. They were argumentative essays about Australia treating everyone equally (class division and whatnot) and whether Australia has cut its ties with Britain. Right after that I had about two hours to prepare for my Italian oral exam, all my preparations ended up being pointless because we just ended up speaking about life in Canada, my ancestry, future goals and whatnot. I feel really good about it, they kept me in there for about 25 minutes rather than the 10 that we oral was supposed to be so I think they liked me. 😀

I cooked myself a nice big POUTINE to reward myself along with stuffing my face to study all night for today’s exam; The Criminal Mind. I wasted my time studying because I’m pretty sure I could have destroyed that exam without looking at the slides or the book. I studies criminology enough to have at least gotten a 70% without looking at a book, which is promising because I did study. The exam was only 80 multiple choice questions, but about 10% of the class (myself included) were done at the 30 minute mark when he told us we could leave. I stayed a little longer just to wait for the line of people to go down and double-check the 4-5 questions that I was a little iffy about.

Now that I have two of my exams behind me,  only need to worry about writing my Italian Cultural Assessment essay due Friday and studying for my Psychology final exam and my Italian written exam on the 31st and 2nd respectively.

Until then, I have the next week off (Swot Vac) for studying. I will be taking advantage of that by heading Under Down Under; Tasmania. We’re going for 5 days, giving me 4 for studying upon my return.

After that I’ll be done guys! So I’ll be able to visit my good friend Lauren down in Traralgon, maybe head out to Perth for a couple of days before flying out to Asia (more info coming soon).

To those who have been following my Australia experience, thanks for reading and I appreciate the support. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures because I liked telling the stories! It’s not over yet so stay tuned 🙂



Want Pictures?
Okay 😀


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