Student Life

Hey guys,

I decided blogging is going to be reduced to once a week from now on because I’m coming into exam season where I won’t have much to talk about other than hitting the books (excluding the next 2 trips I’m doing but wait for the surprise :D)

Today I want to talk to you about why I love my school so much.

First off, classes are awesome and entertaining, and it’s a shame to say.. almost over. Almost every time I walk through the campus center I run into a friendly face that I can talk to for a little while, and being a student gives me enough free time to see all these crazy kids I meet. What I really love about Monash is while I head to or from class on any given day between noon and 2 pm I always have the luck of finding a barbie(BBQ) going on close by. All I ever need to do is follow my nose or the music that’s radiating from the barbie. The barbecues over here are not the best I’ve had, but to offer me free hotdogs for writing my (student) email I’m more than happy to engage. These barbecues sometimes include free drinks, and most of the time they have alcoholic ones, allowing me to enjoy a nice beer while I meet my new friends who are either giving or receiving the same free food as I am.

Classes down under are a little more relaxed, one of my favorite lectures to attend has nothing to do with the content but everything to do with the 2 lecturers. I personally dislike history and cultural studies but Australian Idol has the best 2 lecturers that make the class worthwhile every time. All my other classes are pretty standard to North American classes, moderately interesting lecturers and pretty sweet course material but what can I say, I like what I’m studying.

School aside let’s talk a little about the city.

The Queen Victoria Market is one of the best spots to spend an afternoon. This place is huge, about the size of two city blocks, one for fresh food (meat, fish, bread, fruit, veggies, you name it; it’s there) and another for miscellaneous items such as clothing, souvenirs, electronics, everything you can imagine. This market is almost the go to place for cheap goods, not only can you virtually find anything there, you can bargain the prices pretty low if you have cash at hand. The fresh foods may be a little pricier than you can get in a local grocery store, but you can get some pretty rare meats and fishes that are much more fresh. I recently picked up some Emu fillets to cook up and try out.

The emu was a success, I cooked two fillets two nights in a row, the first being my practice round ended up surprisingly good as the lady told me that it was very close to kangaroo in the cooking process, meaning that I should expect it to cook very quickly. I cooked them up with some onions and garlic fresh from the market and some rice, making it a very nutritious and yet spectacular meal. Emu meat has moved to the top in my favorite meats.

Unfortunately my camera is broken as you know from the Whitsundays and I didn’t manage to get a new one until this Monday, making me almost unable to take a picture of the emu.

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say, I’m going to cook myself some sub-par (to my mothers) pasta before seeing some of my mates.




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