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Oi Mates!

I thought that I’ve been talking too much about my travelling and didn’t really get you guys the scoop of what’s going on on campus! Don’t worry, I -DID- come here to study, although travelling is the biggest perk and evidently the one I write about too much 😉

Today I’ll let you know a little bit about student life down under. On Monday we had an awesome little function, or event, that included us picking a recipe from a hat and cooking it, our final results would then be rated for 1st 2nd and 3rd place and prizes were awarded. The idea was to integrate traditional Australian  foods and get everyone cooking something to result in a huge dinner with desert.

Luckily cooking is one of my favorite things to do, coming from an Italian family that landed straight off the boat in Canada; I had some tricks up my sleeves and a good knowledge of what tastes good together. I pulled out Australian Meat Pie, a delicacy that we see almost everywhere in Australia, their meat pies are quite awesome, but this one was different, and much larger. These meat pies are typically small but we decided if we’re going to cook a feast we’ll make it a big one. We had 2.5kg of ground beef to work with, including a recipe that worked with 500g increments. I didn’t quite multiply everything by 5 just because of the beef as I wanted to switch it up.

My colleague, a descendant from and Italian family aswell worked on the barbecue, tomato (ketchup), worchestershire (never know how to spell that word) and vegemite sauce that was to be inside the meat pies. I was cutting everyone’s favorite vegetable, onions. Once I had cut four large onions and had a good cry I was ready to switch up the recipe, we added more vegemite and ketchup to the sauce mix to add some thickness, worked out what other veggies we could throw in for added nutritional value and flavor. We chopped carrots, mushrooms, green onions, some herbs, capsicum (peppers), chili peppers, garlic, and virtually anything we could find and threw it in with our MASSIVE pot cooking 2.5kg of beef and onions. We added the sauce and let the ingredients boil in it for a couple of minutes whilst we prepared the 3 huge pies that the “stew” would be put into. A couple of steps later, we all enjoyed dinner as a family.

The other contestants had: Kangaroo Tacos (yummeh), Pumpkin soup (scrumptious), tim tam cake (wish i liked chocolate) and some other moosey desert dish. After filling our stomachs with the delicious pie and kangaroo tacos, the judges rated our dishes. Everyone agreed that the pie was number one, giving me a good sense of enjoyment as I won a bag of chocolates.

Student life isn’t always as awesome as this function, but there are definitely more perks to living on campus as a student than the alternative. The social life and the events planned keep everyone together and engaging in parties or cooking competitions or even just a coffee night to enjoy each others company. Living with and around everyone makes it pretty easy to stay social, but having your own room allows you to chill out for your studying needs.

School is school; I’ve always had a policy to attend every lecture, it made me feel better about not reading the book. I don’t encourage not doing the readings but everyone has a preferred way of learning and mine was always to learn from the teachers. I’ve really enjoyed the classes I’ve been taking here for so many reasons. My italian class has not only improved my knowledge of the italian culture but also helped me with some verbs and increased my exposure/understanding of the language. I love my criminal minds class, I’ve already read the textbook for another course back at home but the different perspective and the class discussions I’ve had with the lecturer were enough to put a smile on my face every Tuesday. Addiction Studies, well everyone has their addictions and I like the psychology of it, the info can be a little dry, but if you stop to think of your addictions (not substances but hobbies) you can add a renewed interest. I dislike that it focuses almost entirely on drugs because I believe a lot of addictions have no relation to drugs. Video games, nutrition or any sport can be addictive aswell, I’m addicted to snowboarding to the point where I think of it on a daily basis when I pass by something I’d grind. Video games.. lets not get into that.

School here is pretty sweet, I do miss my friends, I miss having the group of guys that are always there for me, but skype always works for the one’s I’ve kept (some) contact with.

Either way, I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday (although slightly belated) to the lovely Catherine Frégeau who just turned international (21) on October 6th.

Next week I’ll tell you guys a little more about student life, how the barbecues here never stop, oh and I’ll tell you about the Market. The market is awesome because I just found Emu meat there today, so expect a picture of another scrumptious exotic meal!!



ps: check out my 50 foot double backflip bungy jump, action starts at 35, they also dunk me waist deep into the water!


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