Gotta Love Jumping

Hey guys!

I’m a little late with this blog, don’t hold it to me though! I’ve been on the go for the past couple of days so I valued sleep over telling you guys what I have done, considering I can do that now!

So where I left you last was at Airlie Beach I believe. We chilled out for the rest of that day, head out to the man made lagoon (public pool with a beach) and enjoyed the sun. Made it out to catch our overnight bus to Mission Beach in the morning.

Misson Beach was pretty sweet, we made it in time to catch the sunrise on the beautiful 14km long east coast beach. That backpackers was definitely one of the best too as it had a pool and a bbq. We managed to get ourselves into a little dilemma of a situation because I asked around for nice scenic hikes and ended up getting us stuck a couple hours away from our hostel after a 30 minute hike. The hike was sweet because we saw some ridiculously large spiders (golden orb) and got a decent view of the area. I’ll save the drag, I made up for it by offering to barbecue any food that people bought that night. We marinated the chicken (and kangaroo steak for me) and threw it on the barbie (aussie for barbecue) an hour later. Those who got the chicken were really happy and the night was a great success with the jenga that we played. Next day we chilled out at the pool some more until we grabbed our afternoon bus to Cairns.

Our hostel was a little far from the CBD (aussie for downtown) but we had a pool, a bar that offered free meals with our drinks (4$ beer leads to a meal.. why not?) so the group split up. The ladies went  out to the clubs and had a blast while the guys stayed back to win the poker tournament and enjoy a more relaxed evening. I met a really awesome guy while imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger during poker, lucky for me he worked at the hostel and you’ll see why. I realized we had no plans for Cairns and i had slacked on the Lonely Planet reading I was meaning to do, so I asked him what my options were. Apparently Cairns is the Queenstown (NZ) of Australia, so it’s filled with adrenaline packed activities, and you know how I am. We spoke for a bit and it ends up that he met Sunny (that awesome kid who I went to NZ with) in New Zealand after I left. Thanks to the world being so small, he gave me a free night and two bookings of 2 for 1, one being skydiving and one being bungy jumping.

My good mate Charles, who won the poker tourny joined me with the 2 4 1 skydive, throwing the winnings of the poker to reduce the price even more, making a 14000 foot jump cost a total of 150$ which is a steal. Skydiving was amazing, but on our return was the last night I was going to be with the group of 17 because they were flying back to Melbourne. They played some volleyball while I was figuring out the best way to skateboard into the backpackers pool while jumping onto the bodyboard to make it to the other side in one momentum. After I gave up I found a cool german guy to bungy with me the next day before saying my goodbyes to everyone and calling it a really early night. When I woke up I head out to Cairns to try and solve my unfortunate camera situation, the keyword was try because there’s nothing I can do. I wasted a lot of time and yet learned a lot about cameras with regards to choosing my next one (you know, to keep giving you guys pictures!) which I will grab soon enough. Anyways, we went bungying, I jumped 5 times, first the traditional swan, then backwards where the jump instructor held my life in his hands and definitely tried to scare me, letting me go unexpectedly and making my fingers graze the water of the pond below. Third was the reverse elevator, jumping backwards but not diving, staying vertical to see the tower move quickly, surprisingly he made me go waist deep into the pond without telling me, adding a whole extra feel to the jump. Fourth and fifth were my favorite; flips. I love doing frontflips into pools, I had been doing it at every pool we went to on that trip and definitely abused it off the boat. I got a couple flips in for both front and back flips before needing to let go of the cord, only to get dunked into the water again.

After that we went home soaked and enjoyed a relaxing beer before bed. I head out at 6 am for Adelaide where I was to spend the day with a mate of mine who was on exchange in Canada last semester. He picked me up, showed me around and introduced me to his friends, who I’m very much contemplating to visit again. Managed to bus home in time for class and the test I had studied for.

So that was the rest of my trip, I’m planning to see the Great Ocean Road and Tasmania before leaving Australia so I’ll keep you guys updated!

I also want to thank all of those who are supportive of me and still keeping in touch or at least reading my blog; it means a lot to me that travelling has not made me lose my friends back at home.

I’ll be back soon!



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