Oi Maytes!

I found some free internet around airlie beach so I decided to take advantage and tell you guys about my spring break travels.

So, first 2 days were spent in Brisbane, first one being alone, second one being with my group of 17. I did some hiking while i was on my own, saw some awesome wild Australian birds and a handful of lizards. I met some pretty sweet people, finished my essay at night so that I could be homework free by the time my friends showed. I got some awesome news from my neighbour; one of my best friends, while in Brisbane with regards to my future favorite video game, but I’ll blog about that when I get back to Melbourne. We toured around checking out the man made lagoon and botanical gardens, which were both spectacular.

We head out to Hervey Bay for a day in which I managed to pack 7 of us into a 4×4 on Fraser Island. That was probably the best day so far. We got to drive through the rainforest in sandy roads that were just super fun to drive on, made it out to the beach where we could roll at like 80kph. We found two lakes, one being the most touristy and the other which was surrounded by sand dunes. We got to roll down the sand dunes until we fall into the lake, it was nothing less than legendary. Lake Wabby was awesome, but not as clear as lake MacKenzie. Regardless, Fraser Island was a huge success.

A full 11 hour overnight bus later we made it down here to Airlie Beach. Now we just got back from a 2 day Cruise that was nothing less than spectacular. We went out to the first snorkle area, spotting a handfull of wild dolphins on the way. The reef was awesome, unfortunately I can’t post pictures because well, my waterproof camera failed on me, looks like I’m going to have a nice fat expense in the near future. Called it a night after the snorkling, had some awesome food on the boat thanks to the Skipper’s wife. Second day we made it out to whitehaven beach, which is the beach you see pictures of when you type whitsundays in google (i think). It was ridiculously awesome, low tide, the sand was like powder, it was white white, ends up it’s not literal sand but rather crushed quartz. We spent a few hours there, taking advantage of the crystal clear water, seeing a handful of wild sting rays and running into another german guy we know from Melbourne, which was random and cool.

Anyways, I’m going to head out to try and figure out a solution to my camera situation and then take advantage of the rest of today (10:45 am, long bus from 8 pm to 4 am) instead of spending it all on my blog.

Take care guys and keep it real!



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