Hey guys,

I’m still in the process of writing my essays, I haven’t had much sleep and don’t have much time before class but I stay true to my weekly blog!

So as you know I’ve been working on essays for about a week now, I have yet to complete two of the three that are due so I’ve been relatively unproductive. Either way, tonight after submitting one of the ones that is due, I will be heading to the airport to spend the night writing up my final one. My flight is at 7:30 am, and I don’t want to spend 100$ on a cab, or risk being late, so I’m leaving at 11:30 pm tonight.

I’m not very excited to pull what seems to be turning into an all nighter finishing my essay in the airport of Melbourne, but I do have a reward waiting for me, a week of vacation! I’m pretty excited for that and everything that me and my 16 other exchange student friends will be doing for that trip.

I also found out my exam schedule, which is more than awesome. I end the 2nd of November, so I’ll have a lot more time to travel around Asia when I’m done exams.

Anyways, I’m going to round up some articles for the night, and figure out some logistics of not paying for residence due to my early check out.

I’ll post again whenever I can, when I’m on the beach taking in all the positive energy of the sun, the positive reinforcement to my week of solitude.




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