Essay Writing

Hey guys,

As you may know, I didn’t blog on Monday, and I may not next Monday either. Essentially I’ve been knee deep into my work for the upcoming weeks. I have 3 essays that are each about 3000 words (about 6-8 pages) each and I’m stressing out. Australian Idol, Addiction Studies and Criminal Mind, all due by the time I leave for paradise.

I’m heading out to Brisbane next wednesday as it’s my midsemester break (yeahhhhhh double spring break this year!) where we’re going to (not really) road trip up hitting all (not as many as i’d like) the things on the way.

I don’t really have much to say this week. I haven’t done anything too exciting. Tonight I have a ball to attend for all those who paid for it within my halls of residence so it should be pretty sweet. It’s a masquerade ball, but I didn’t buy a mask so expect to see a picture of me with a garbage bag that has some holes in it!

I’m currently in the library (my parent’s must be proud) so I can’t upload any pictures. So you guys need to wait until I’m back from my holiday (they call them holidays not vacations here) to get a teaser of what I’ve experienced.

Other than that I figured I’d let you all know that I’m homesick.

I got to a point (which is apparently a very normal moment) where I started wishing certain people were with me at different times. Makes me miss everyone and the life I had back at home. So much is changing without me there and I feel like I’m changing without you here. So I want to shout out to all my family and friends that I miss you and I’m coming home.. in 3 months.

Mom, Dad, Marc, Cat, Sunny, Vince, Alex, Rodrick, Jacky, James, Ryan, Phil, Brian, Mel, and any/all of those I didn’t mention.

My group, my family, my life. All of you are back at home and you are missed. So, once I get through this Champlain Mall sized speed bump of homework. I’m heading down to one more experience of a lifetime to tell you about.

I reckon we’ll all be online at the same time soon though.. Diablo 3 is coming out.




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