The Hill Was Broken, Broo

Hey guys,

As you probably guessed I didn’t have access to Wifi in Broken Hill nor Mildura, but it’s Thursday (in oz) so here goes.

We started with a bus ride which had more stops than a straigh coach, felt good to be on the road so early yet unfortunate how later we were getting in. 8 am – 9:30 pm.

Upon arrival Broken Hill basically looked like I had landed in the Wild West. We got there and landed in a hotel that had a beer tasting fraternity in which they each bring some beers from around the world to share it and judge them by their taste. We gladly joined in to try some awesome international beers before calling it a night, knowing we were getting up in the morning for a big day.

Saturday: Well we head out to get a tour of Broken Hill, the history of how it became a huge mining town, one of the first in Australia. We followed through to get on top of a portion of the mine where they had the Miners Memorial. After our brief stay and some awesome pictures we headed out to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. These small airports, holding less than a handful of planes respond to calls anywhere in the desert. They head out, pilot, nurses and doctor to wherever you are, to save your life. Following our awesome tours we got a little bit of time to wander in the Wild West for some food. We head out to the DayDream Mine right after and got my first time in a mine cheked off my list of firsts. 😀

The mine tour was pretty awesome, we got to wear the worker helmets with headlamps. I spotted a mining pick to snag a quick picture which was pretty sweet. After that we hit the road for sunset! We head up to a lookout that had Aboriginal carving in the stones. We chilled out there with some snacks and made our way back to the hotel. We got some roast for dinner before heading out to the local karaoke bar for the night. I got to sing some of Outkast’s “Hey Ya”  and it was quite an eventful night but you know the drill, early mornings.

Sunday: Rise and shine, another cloudless day in the colder part of Australia’s deserts, 30 degrees 🙂

We head out to Silverton, what is for some reason officially a Ghost Town. They have a population of 50. I’m not complaining but I may have misunderstood the term Ghost Town. Either way it has its good reasons, because of  tourists that are determined to go to where Mad Max was filmed, and to witness what it’s like to be in a  (arguable) Ghost Town. We head out to see some camels after that. Yes. I rode a CAMEL!

On the road we saw a few of them chilling in the wild, I mean not to mention the Emu’s and Kangaroo’s that we were flying by the whole way through! Haha just kidding, we did see a good handfull of Emus and Roos but the Camels were all in a pack. After feeding one of my newfound camel friend’s for a while we headed out to our next two excursions of the day.

Upon our arrival at the local sheep farmers lunch was fresh off the barbecue. We got to see a sheep get sheared, which was pretty sweet, and had a walk through an (out of order) river 😀 Walking through a river of sand is pretty cool, but not as cool as finding a young goat in the remains of what used to be a house. He eventually jumped out because he saw the swarm of people who were coming after I spotted it. Though, not without the help one of Rob’s (my teacher) friends who came along to keep us children in line, who was a vet. Anyways, we saw some pretty cool ruins from back in the day, and you know, nothing special, just a snake. Remember to google Accidentally Get Killed, it’s a pretty funny song that we heard in the bus a lot, but the others will come out soon.

We eventually made it back for a really sweet small hike up a mountain for sunset. Because the desert was green for the first time in years (they got some water for vegetation) some prickly plants were growing everywhere. Our hikes were both walking through the pricklies but we head back for an awesome supper, once again off the BBQ. Rob got a fire going on for us to hang around, went out for some stargazing with my friends from the trip. I’m glad to say that for the second time in my life, I saw a shooting star. I did freak  and jump around made a wish, but it didn’t come true 😦 We went home pretty early to get a good night’s sleep because the next morning was the earliest.

Monday: We were on the road by 8 so we could go see Mungo National Park. It was actually a MASSIVE lake just about 40,000 years ago. We head out to the “Walls of China” which is definitely not its ancient name, to see the sandy, rocky areas that are basically natural erosion of sand and clay. I got to jump off some sand dunes for in action photos also, makes me miss the GoPro.

Speaking of the GoPro.. Check this out!

If you remember the bungee story (which i hope you do) that’s the youtube link!

We head out to Mildura for dinner which is the only meal you will hear about. They decided it would be a great occasion to take us out to an all you can eat pasta and pizza restaurant. This was no ordinary restaurant, I told myself to control my inner italian urges. While trying the first plates server (it was NOT buffet style) I fell in love with every subequent one. Although none were quites as good as my Nonna’s or Mom’s (Love you Mom!) I did end up consuming so much pasta that you wouldn’t want to know the count. Oh and two pizza’s.  This left me incapacitated I barely participated on our last night out as a group at the local brewery. I did manage to have a “sampler” of the local beers for a bargain of a price, I didn’t stay longer than the small tasters.

Tuesday: We did have an activity in the morning that was a mystery. I’m not allowed to tell you what it was, because it is to remain a secret for anyone who will go in the future, but my Dad would have loved it (Love you Dad!)

Then we drove back, allowing me just enough time to finish the book I was reading.

Anyways, that was it. Sorry for the drag, here are some pictures.


PS: Google/youtube “Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again” by the Angels. Live only! It’s a good laugh


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