Blue Mountains

Hey guys!

So I got back from Sydney and I just realized that I’m leaving on a Field Trip with one of my classes for the next few days.
I ensure you that I’m still studying and we have two 12 hour bus rides so this is not entirely leisure time!


Other than that I figured I’d give you the run down of Sydney, next post will once again be post-poned until next week due to my field trip and the overload of school work I have to deal with due to my excursions.


So day one; I took a bus down to Coogee Beach, did an incredibly scenic walk up to Bondi where I rented a surf without lessons and gave it a shot. On my walk I got to see a whale in the distance slapping his tail on the water which was just sick! Surfing was pretty tough without lessons but the surfers gave me enough tips for me to get up on my board twice in the course of 4 hours. That was enough for me to be super proud of myself and call it a day.

Day two: I headed out to the Blue Mountains (Australia’s Rockies) with two of my hostelmate’s and we hiked for a couple of hours, giving us some ridiculous views and relatively challenging terrains. Luckily we didn’t see any Funnel Web spiders which are apparently present throughout the lower levels of the mountains, such as the forest portion we walked through. That night I made it out to meet up with my Monash University friends at a couple of bars in and around Kings Cross, which was awesome because we hit up a rooftop bar.

Day three: I met up with an ex co-worker of mine, a girl who worked at the same ice cream parlor as me back in Montreal’s amusement park. We met up for lunch then toured the downtown area of Sydney, which I hadn’t done yet. After catching up we met up with her parents, who spoiled me to a delicious dinner of sushi and a double espresso at Guylian for dessert. We then went out for some wine at the Sydney Opera Bar, situated between the Opera house and the Harbour Bridge, probably one of the most scenic spots to enjoy a calm night out.

Day four: I woke up as early as I could, caught a shuttle to Manly, where I browsed the beach area and did some hiking to the North Head of the harbour. I trekked back to start my original goal for the day which was the 4 hour Manly-Spit scenic walk. It was moderately challenging but really scenic, I managed to hit every minor detour for photo-op’s that will be released in the future. I completed the walk pretty quickly (3 hours) giving me enough time for another activity for the day, the Zoo. Upon arrival at the Taronga Zoo I realized that I only had two and a half hours to tour one of the biggest Zoo’s in the world. I started with the Reptiles until I realized that I used up all my camera life during the hike. Luckily I managed to rush to the koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emu, wombat and tazmanian devil to sneak in some pictures by turning my camera on, taking the shot and then watching it die all over again. Pooped out from being on foot as of 9 in the morning, I ferried back to the hostel and relaxed before going out for some casuals with my Canadian friend for her last night on holiday. (Aussies say holiday rather than vacation)

Day five: I looked around for some souvenirs for my best friends but only came to the realization that souvenir shops are really lame. I ended up going to the Sydney Aquarium, seeing some of the most unique types of fish and sea mammals on the planet. They had 2 of the 6 Dugong’s that are on display anywhere in the world, and man are they MASSIVE. I saw one eat, and I’m telling you as sincerely as sincere can be, that Dugong’s bite took the equivalent of one entire head of lettuce. He was hungry so you could immagine how much that beast ate! After that I walked around some of the harbours in the city area, browsed through the chinese gardens and Chinatown for some crispy noodles before needing to pack for my flight home.

That’s the quick version of Sydney, hopefully I compressed it with enough details to keep you all entertained. I want to thank all of you for reading my blog, I do appreciate the love!

For now I need to begin my laundry and preparation for my next excursion that starts with a 12 hour bus ride at 8 am tomorrow. We’re travelling to Broken Hill, essentially seeing the only part of the Outback that I’ll be exposed to during my travels here in Australia. I’m more that excited for this trip yet really nervous about the short time frame I have to get ready both mentally and physically. Hopefully I get all my stuff together in time. I plan to bring my laptop in the occasion that I get access to a glimpse of Wifi on my trip in the desert, you know, to tease you guys with some pictures and show you that I’m still alive!

Anywho, here are a few more of Sydney. I’ll update again whenever I can.




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