As you all know, I came here to study, so I’m going to talk a little about that for this post.

So I listed my classes during the first post, but luckily I got some news that the full course load here is 4, allowing me to take four classes here and still receive credits for five back at home. That news was awesome, it allowed me to drop what seemed to be the most demanding and least entertaining class out of the five I had. Now that Victimology is out of my timetable, I’m left with the following.

Australian Idol: Up to now it has not been the most entertaining class to sit through, but it has been an enormous eye opener. Essentially its the study of Australia and its long history. Up till now we’ve been focusing on the wrongdoing of the immigrants to the indigenous people, similar to what we did in Canada to the natives. It’s pretty good, the lecturers are really awesome and make the class nothing less than entertaining.

Criminal Mind: Well, unlike the show, this class is the study of criminal behavior, why people do what they do essentially. I’ve already read the book assigned to this class because I had it assigned to one of my previous classes back at Carleton. I like the different perspective that is taken over here, even if the material is nearly identical, I love learning from a variety of opinions. At home, Criminal Behaviour was taught by a Criminal Psychologist as an evening class. Here it is also taught by a Psychologist but not a criminal one, making his perspective slightly different.

Italian Studies 4: Well I didn’t want to take Italian studies 2 because I grew up around Italian so I figured it wouldn’t push my limits much farther. This class is definitely at a higher level of Italian than I am, which is helping me pick it up and catch up to my peers. I really enjoy this class because I always wish I knew more Italian than I do. This will help me a lot for my eventual plan to spend half a year or so in Italy teaching English. My prof is a really cool guy and my classmates are awesome too, we’re on much more of a personal level in a language class because there are less students. I like that we’re reading from Machiavelli.

Addiction Studies: Always been an area that I loved studying in psychology. Addiction is a really odd phenomenon and increasing my knowledge about this might help me in the field of criminology later on. This is probably my most demanding class, but doing work for this class makes me happy so there’s no problem in me fulfillingmy duties as a student here. Remember guys, alcohol is the worst drug, comparable to heroin. Think about that next time you drink.

Well that’s about it for my classes, I’m off to start on my Australian Idol paper so that I have sufficient time to study for my Italian test, both  are for Monday so I’ll have nothing special to blog about. Except…

I Suppose I never finished that New Zealand story eh?


The pics are..
My Koala rocking out
Kangaroo Steak with rice fried in it’s grease
My diet for the first week; Avocado, Ham & Cheese sandwich


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