La Bicicletta

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Because who says wait for it… and give you your candy when you expect it right? 😉

My weekend was alright, I didn’t end up making it to the exchange party that I blogged I was going to; because blogging took longer than I expected. Surprisingly I actually stayed in all weekend to catch up on some rest and practicing my skills at cooking Kangaroo. I did embark on an adventure worth telling though.

Hop on google translate incase you don’t know that the title means: the bicycle. I decided it was time that I got a bike down here, essentially because I’m only good at two types of physical activities at home; Snowboarding and Cycling. Given that I was missing out on the cycling season, and snowboarding here is easily twice as expensive (not to mention smaller runs with more fake snow) I figured I’d see how far 40$ could get me. Searching the net for a good hour I sent a couple of emails for ≤40$ I got a handfull of responses. One was only 20$ and seemed to be a 30 minute bus ride away, which I thought would be a great first ride home.

Upon arrival the bike seemed to be in a lot worse condition than reported online, so bad that he gave it to me FREE of charge! Might sound like a sweet deal but realistically if the bike is free it is not the type of bike you want to spend a season with. Excluding the fact that it was for a teenager, the chain was made out of rust and the front brakes were inexistant, the bike was decent.

I did some very vague research about the area where I was going, enough to get lost and find a lake! Lake Blackburn was really awesome to bike around and a satisfactory first “get lost” adventure in Oz. My way back was pretty painful because I had not observed the fact that the road the bus took was nothing but slopes, making it really hard uphill due to the bike’s small tires, and reall hard downhill due to the excellent brakes.

Long story short(er) I got home in one piece, didn’t have a lock, so now I have a bike in my room.

It’s no New Zealand story, but I hope you liked it!



Wait a second.. I was hating on Australian Snowboarding…


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